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Andaman Honeymoon Tour Package

Are you a newlywed or are not sure where to celebrate your anniversary? If you and your partner have been discussing a trip amid nature and return being rejuvenated to your new lives, then Andaman is the place for your honeymoon tour. Dekho Andaman has different types of Andaman and Nicobar Islands Honeymoon Package to offer. 

From booking warm and cozy honeymoon suits to arranging comfortable means of transport, we offer plenty of services in our Andaman couple tour packages according to your wants and needs.

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Best time to Visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands for Honeymoon

Andaman has a moderate climate which ranges somewhere between 24 to 35 degrees Celsius. As Andaman is in a Tropical region the temperature remains the same most of the day with nights being a little cooler. One can visit here at any time of the year but the best time to plan for a Honeymoon tour is from October to May.

If you are planning to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands in coming months you can check out our recent blog: Andaman In June 

The ideal weather window for your Andaman honeymoon falls between October and May. During this period, you’ll experience:

Pleasant temperatures: Expect comfortably warm weather, ranging from 24°C to 32°C (75°F to 90°F), perfect for enjoying outdoor activities and exploring the islands.
Minimal rainfall: While occasional showers can occur, they are generally brief and won’t significantly disrupt your honeymoon plans.
Clear skies: Sunny days are more prevalent, allowing you to capture breathtaking photos and enjoy stunning sunsets.

It’s important to note that, while uncommon in recent years, there is a slight possibility of cyclone alerts in the Andaman Islands during this period. These are not entirely predictable, so it’s advisable to stay updated on weather forecasts closer to your travel date.

If you prioritize sunny skies and warm weather, aim for the peak season of Ocotber, Novemeber, December, Januaru & February. If you prefer fewer crowds and potentially lower costs, consider the shoulder seasons (monsoon months).



Andaman Tour in October

October to January is a very pleasant season where you can encounter clear skies & cool sea breeze. But few rainy showers’ can be expected in December.

Andaman Tour in January

Whereas Mid-January to April is considered to be a Perfect Summer in Andaman, which means warm sea breeze, sunbathing by the beach and a plunging into the adventurous world of water activities.

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Andaman Honeymoon Tour Package Type & Cost:

4N/5D Andaman Honeymoon Tour Package

 Name: Honeymoon Special Andaman Islands Tour Package
Cost: INR 15000 Standard, INR 17000 Premium, and INR 21000 Luxury
Tour locations: Havelock Island and Port Blair

Name: Locked in Havelock Honeymoon Tour Package 4 Nights 5 Days
Cost: INR 15000 Standard, INR 16000 Premium, and INR 20500 Luxury
Tour locations:
Havelock Island and Port Blair

5N/6D Andaman Honeymoon Tour Package

 Name: Andaman Honeymoon Deal 5 Nights 6 Days
Cost: INR 16200 Standard, INR 23200 Premium, and INR 26700 Luxury
Tour Locations: Havelock Island, Neil Island, and Port Blair

6N/7D Andaman Honeymoon Tour Packages

Name: Love Overdose Honeymoon Package for Couple 6 Nights 7 Days
Cost: INR 18450 Standard, INR 24950 Premium, and INR 32250 Luxury
Tour Locations: Havelock Island, Neil Island, and Port Blair

Name: Tranquility Andaman and Nicobar Package for Couple 6 nights 7 Days
INR 22500 Standard, INR 26390 Premium, and INR 36500 Luxury
Tour Locations:
Havelock Island, Neil Island, and Port Blair

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Price Inclusions in all our Andaman and Nicobar package for Couples :

Accommodations and Breakfast.
AC vehicle for all sight-seeing programs & airport pickup-drop in all islands . All Parking charges and entry charges.
Ferry/cruise tickets and boat tickets to different islands . Permit charge.
GST is included for all services, 24 x 7 Customer service

Andaman Honeymoon Package special inclusions:

Welcome drinks, Bouquet on arrival, candle-light dinner on beach, and bed decorations.

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Budget Andaman and Nicobar Packages for Couples

Dekho Andaman offers cheap Andaman and Nicobar Islands Honeymoon Packages starting from Rs6000/- only. In all of our Honeymoon budget packages to Andaman, we make sure to give you enough fun and leisure. With these budget tours, you can have an incredible honeymoon holiday in Andaman and Nicobar without any worry about spending too much.




Budget Andaman Honeymoon 

Trip with Havelock ENQUIRE

4 nights 5 days


Best of Port Blair Budget

 Honeymoon Tour ENQUIRE

4 nights 5 days


4 Days Fun Filled Andaman 

Honeymoon Package ENQUIRE

3 nights 4 days


6 Days Budget Honeymoon 

Tour Package To Andaman ENQUIRE

5 nights 6 days




Tranquility Andaman 7 NIGHTS 8 DAYS Package (LUXURY)
8 days02
Andaman, India
Featured Tranquility Andaman 7 NIGHTS 8 DAYS Package (PREMIUM)
Featured Romeo's Treat in Andaman 7 NIGHTS 8 DAYS (LUXURY)
8 days02
Andaman, India
Romeo's Treat in Andaman 7 NIGHTS 8 DAYS (PREMIUM)
8 days02
Andaman, India
Romeo's Treat in Andaman 7 NIGHTS 8 DAYS (STANDARD)
8 days02
Andaman, India
Featured Andaman with Neil Island 5 NIGHTS 6 DAYS (Luxury)
6 days02
Andaman, India
Featured Andaman Family Tour Special 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS (Premium)
Featured Andaman Family Tour Special 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS (Standard)
Featured Fantastic Family Andaman 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS (Luxury)
5 days25
Andaman, India
Fantastic Family Andaman 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS (Standard)
5 days25
Andaman, India
Fantastic Family Andaman 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS (Premium)
5 days25
Andaman, India
Featured Andaman Family Tour Special 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS (Luxury)
5 days02
Andaman, India
Featured Andaman with Neil Island 5 NIGHTS 6 DAYS (Premium)
6 days02
Andaman, India

Andaman Honeymoon Travel Guidelines And Requirements (updated):

As of March 5, 2024, entry requirements for the Andaman Islands have eased considerably compared to the peak COVID-19 period. Here’s a summary of the latest guidelines and requirements for a smooth and safe honeymoon trip:

1. Health Requirements:

Currently, no mandatory COVID-19 testing is required for domestic travelers entering the Andaman Islands. However, it’s always recommended to prioritize your health and well-being, and consider getting tested if you experience any symptoms before or during your trip.
Maintaining good hygiene practices like frequent handwashing and wearing a mask in crowded areas is still encouraged.

2. Required Documents:

Identification Proof: Carry a valid government-issued ID like Aadhar Card, Voter ID, or Driving License. No passport, visa, or special permit is required for Indian citizens.
Travel Documents: Keep your flight tickets, hotel booking confirmations, and any other relevant travel documents handy.

3. Essential Packing:

Pack comfortable clothing: Opt for breathable, lightweight cotton clothes suitable for warm weather.
Sun protection: Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat to shield yourself from the sun.
Beach essentials: Pack swimsuits, flip-flops, and a beach towel if you plan on enjoying water activities.
Rain protection: Carry a light raincoat, as occasional showers can occur throughout the year.
Medications: Pack any prescribed medications and consider bringing over-the-counter remedies for motion sickness and insect bites.

Places to visit in Andaman for honeymoon couples:

With oodles of natural beauty and opportunities for many adventures, and some romance with sheer calmness, Andaman makes the perfect spot-on destination to indulge in a memorable honeymoon experience. Here are some top destinations that our Andaman Honeymoon tour packages have been added to in the tour itinerary.


Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, accommodating the only commercial airport here. Port Blair is connect to mainland with both sea & air and is known as the gateway to the other islands present in Andaman. The airport is known as Veer Savarkar Airport, as soon as you step out, you feel the city greeting you with folded arms and an invigorating breeze. Port Blair is famous for its fine architecture and historical events that took place during the Britisher’s reign. Everything has a deep-rooted meaning instilled in it.


1. Cellular Jail: – Cellular jail is a colonial prison, commonly known as Kala Pani. It started its construction in 1896 and was completed in 1906. It recounts the engraved tales of sufferings by the atrocious and brutal Britishers.

a. It was Constructed to deport Indian political leaders. It was used to house many notable freedom fighters such as Batukeshwar Dutt, Yogendra Shukla, and Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. Port Blair’s airport has been named after Veer Savarkar, India’s hero; who played a key role in India’s struggle for Independence and was a prisoner at the Cellular Jail.

b. Now, Government took ownership of the prison-turned museum and declared it a national memorial.

c. As an Indian, you can walk in the lonely corridor to experience the pain of our freedom fighters, enjoy the light and sound show held in memory of those who died and gain truckloads of knowledge.

2. Corbyn’s beach: – Close to Port Blair, Corbyn beach is a magical hug from mother nature. It is the only beach that allows swimming in Port Blair but only till 20 minutes in distance. Tourists can indulge themselves in various water sports activities such as sea kart, jet ski, and speed boat till snake island.

a. Tourists can also go on a speed boat to view Snake Island. It is popularly known for iridescent birds which come to lay eggs. One can take a speedboat to the island but could not step onto the island for it is claimed to be a Wildlife National Park

b. To describe in depth, there are giant coconut trees with fringed leaves; standing tall in complete symmetry, facilities like sun-basking, swimming, and adventure water sports are available; great restaurants and food stalls also await your presence in the vicinity.

Best of Port Blair Honeymoon Packages


It is popularly known by the name Swaraj Dweep, one can travel to Havelock either by private ferries or open deck government-run ferries. Havelock is one of the most known tourist places in Andamans, thanks to the variety of activities and beauty it has to offer. Havelock has many places that attract tourists like a magnet such as Radhanagar Beach, Kala Patthar beach, and Elephant beach. One quick trivia about Radhanagar beach is that it was ranked as the best beach in Asia in 2004. A few private ferry companies that sail to Havelock Island are listed below:

Makruzz Ferry

ITT Majestic Ferry

Nautika Ferry

Green Ocean Ferry

Aashi Ferry


Some places to visit in Havelock Island: –

  1. Radha Nagar Beach: – The Time Magazine in 2004 rewarded Radha Nagar beach as the most aesthetic and best beach, it bagged 7th position all over Asia.
    a. This beach holds a special place in its tourist’s hearts as it is the most serene, and beautiful beach to ever exist. It has been growing in popularity over the years after getting Blue Flag certification

    b. It’s a place for nature lovers, photography lovers, Honeymoon lovers, globetrotters, and people of peace to witness the magnificent landscape, diamond-like sand, tranquil ambiance, and never-forgetting sunset. All of our Couple packages to Andaman & Nicobar islands has to offer a magical ride crossing through dense forests to this beach and witness a life changing sunset as they dye the sky, the sand and the water with complementing colors of purple, orange, yellow and blue.

  2. Kalapatthar beach: – Kalapatthar is another famous beach because of its alluring ambiance. On one side you will find yourself sandy stretches, turquoise blue waves, and shallow rock bottoms to explore; on another side, you will find a couple of food stalls, restaurants, and local shops for your indulgence. It offers an extravagant view and is Included as a Sunrise point in all our Andaman Honeymoon packages.

    a. The cool breeze from the waters is a welcome relief from the heat and helps to calm the nerves. Photography lovers can bring their cameras to capture the big black boulders against the backdrop of cyan-colored water, spellbinding sunset, and magnificent views.

    b. Kalapatthar Beach can be best explored from October to May because it brings much-needed relief from the hot summer weather. To be able to witness the beauty entirely, you can visit in the morning & early mornings. As being the peak tourist months, you may find the beach a bit crowded though there would surely be less crowd in the afternoon.

  3. Elephant beach: – Elephant beach is one of the cleanest beaches in India, it is located in Havelock and is considered to be the haven of water sports excursions such as scuba diving, snorkeling, sea walk, swimming, kayaking, glass bottom boat, etc.

    a. The perfect time to visit Elephant remains from January to June, during this time the climate is mostly sunny, so it becomes perfect to opt for a water adventure. The temperature ranges between 28-33 degrees Celsius making it comfortable for sightseeing . You can avoid visiting the beach during the monsoon as the boats generally don’t ply during heavy rain

    b. One nearby must-visit place is Mangrove creeks which is only 1.5 km from the beach. One can travel by forests and easily reach the spot. There can be seen Mangrove shrubs, plants, and dynamic flora and fauna which usually attracts tourists. In our Honeymoon Tour Packages the couples can enjoy a boat ride for the up and down journey to the Elephant beach

    c. From trekkers’ favorite mangrove jungles to exotic marine life to vibrant underwaters, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds and get an amazing experience. Elephant beach trekking is a medium-level trek. One can reach here in an hour by walking midst the forests


Neil Island is an epitome of natural beauty and a paradise in itself and it is renamed Shaheed dweep. This place will blow your mind with its beauty and exotic marine life. It’s a secluded and unspoiled place where you and your partner can seek peace. Surprise your other half with romantic long walks & gazing at stars together for a perfect honeymoon trip to Andaman. Neil Island is covered in almost each of our Andaman Nicobar tour packages for the couple that is above 4 days. Inspired by Indian mythology, the beaches are named after characters from Ramayana – Bharatpur, Ramnagar, Sitapur, and Laxmanpur.
  1. Bharatpur beach: -Named locally as Beach no. 4, Bharatpur beach is only 500 meters away from Neil Island jetty. It has some pretty nice stalls for good food and drinks mostly locals. Looks like White Prism waters in the noon, one can swim in it as well as it continues to be a shallow sea with over 500 meters of distance. Petite to giant corals can be found here and one can opt for glass bottom boats, full mask snorkeling, and boat scuba diving which are done in separate spots
  2. Sitapur Beach: – Sitapur Beach, famous for the magical sunrise, Visit the beach early morning; and let the entire place enlighten your soul. Sometimes it’s overcrowded during early morning hours but You can lie over and watch the sunrise from big shiny rocks located on the left side of the beach to have more privacy for your Andaman honeymoon
  3. Bridge no.2. was created by jutting out from the main wall with a giant hole in the middle created by consistent lashing waves over the years under the sea. It’s a great place for photography. Sea cucumber, starfishes, corals, small crabs, and a variety of colorful fishes are found here.
  4. Laxmanpur Beach: -Beach no. 5 Famous for sunsets. The beach is quite peaceful and perfect for a hand-in-hand walk around the shoreline with your partner. . Just imagine yourself alone with your partner with breathtaking sunset taking place and you are watching it standing on a white sand beach, A Quintessential date!

Andaman Nicobar Honeymoon Package With Neil Island

“Book your Honeymoon Package to Andaman and Nicobar and get the best experience with our assistance”

How to reach Andaman & Nicobar Islands for your honeymoon?

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are on the Indian Union territories in India having more than 300 islands out of which 38 of them are habitats including the Nicobar area. It is located in the Bay of Bengal and about 1300 km away from the mainland of India. There are only 2 ways to reach Andaman – by sea or air. There are many flights and ships available from different ports and the only way to land in Andaman as you already know is to reach its capital city , Port Blair.
  • Reaching by Ship: – The cheapest way to travel in Andaman is by ship. It helps in saving a good amount of money compared to air tickets. The major ports are Chennai, Kolkata, and Vizag. A little time-consuming journey but worth it if it means spending more time with your partner. Imagine waking up to the most beautiful sunrise in the morning, looking at the clear, bright cyan waters in the afternoon, and then witnessing a magnificent sunset of your life in the evening all that from the top of a Ship.Approximate Cost = Rs 2000 to 10,000 max depending upon the category Most popular ships: – MV NANCOWRY, MV NICOBAR, AND MV SWARAJ DWEEP
  • Reaching by Plane: – The quickest way to reach Andaman is by flight and the most preferred route chosen by tourists. Direct flights to Port Blair are available from Chennai and Kolkata. Every week, a total of 63 flights take off from Chennai and Kolkata to Port Blair, this is the fastest route as the flight duration stands approx. 2.5 hours. Overall reaching time to Port Blair can range from 2 to 24 hours depending on your means of transport and stop over time. Though, It is a costly option but saves plenty of your expensive time and is comparatively more comfortable.Approximate cost: – Average price (return flight): INR 10,000 Good deal (return flight): INR 6,000 – INR 8,000 Direct Flights from cities: Kolkata, Chennai, and Bengaluru Connecting Flights to Port Blair: Delhi: fly via Chennai or Kolkata and takes around 5 hours. Major Airlines that operates flight to the Andaman Islands: –
  • Air India
  • GoAir
  • Go indigo
  • Vistara
  • SpiceJet

Things You Will Do in Andaman Honeymoon Tour Package:

Andaman has many activities for couples to celebrate their partnership. From golden shimmery sand particles to clear blue seas, from exquisite corals to stunning virgin beaches, from the dyed sky of colors to magical bioluminescence, couples can explore the most couple friendly destination of India with our romantic Honeymoon package in the Andaman Islands We will help you select various places with some amazing activities so that you get to live your best life while you are on your honeymoon. 1. Water activities  – Swimming, glass boat ride, snorkeling, jet ski, scuba in Havelock island, Night Kayak in mangroves, banana boat ride, sea walking, and what not can you explore in Andaman. 2. Trekking – For most people, Andaman is equivalent to Beach, sun tans and water. No one would think of going on a trek in Andaman at first but a place called Madhuban also known as Munda Pahad (20 km from Port Blair) is an impeccable spot to come in contact with mother nature. It is surrounded by lush green forests, and has adventurous zig-zag routes & old wooden bridge on your way makes it even more adventurous for visitors. There are a lot of untouched spots in Andaman and Nicobar that you can explore while trekking with our help 3. Chidyatapu Fishing Tour – It’s a great place for sunset views and bird watching. It’s rich in fauna and biodiversity. One can opt for fishing trips as well, and the best time to go fishing is in the early morning. One can go for activities such as snorkeling during fishing, and explore the unique variety of reefs and corals. 4. Romantic candle-light dinner – Nothing can be better than a magical evening under the stars with your partner. Enjoy your four-course meal accompanied by your choice of sparkling drinks specially decorated with tropical floral arrangements in some of the most breathtaking islands in Andaman; one of them being Havelock Islands. Resorts you can consider for Candle Light Dinner while traveling on your honeymoon. 1. Havelock Island Beach Resort

Andaman Honeymoon Tour Package

2. Blue Waves Beach Resort Andaman Honeymoon Packages 3. Barefoot Resorts Havelock Andaman Nicobar Honeymoon 4. Sea Shells Samssara
Sea Shells Candle Light Dinner
Different Categories of Andaman Honeymoon Tours:
Best Andaman Luxury Honeymoon Packages
Best 5 Days Andaman and Nicobar Honeymoon Tour Packages


The Andaman Islands are one of the most beautiful places on Earth for a vacation. You can enjoy your stay with these top 10 things to do in your Andamans Honeymoon.

1. Scuba Diving in Nemo Beach: Scuba Diving in Nemo Beach is a thrilling activity that allows you to explore the magnificent underwater world. You will be able to witness the vibrant marine life, beautiful coral reefs, and schools of colorful fish. Professional instructors will guide you throughout the dive to ensure your safety and make your experience unforgettable.

2. Explore Beaches of Havelock Island: The Beaches of Havelock Island are known for their pristine white sand, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and peaceful ambiance. You can relax on the beach, take a refreshing swim, or simply admire the stunning views. The ones that must nto be missed are Radhanagar, Kalapattahr, Laxmnapur & Bharatpur beach

3. Candle Light Dinner by the Beach: – The Candle Light Dinner by the Beach is a romantic dining experience that takes place right by the shore. You will be surrounded by a beautiful setup of flickering candles, soft music, and the sound of waves crashing on the beach. It is an intimate and memorable way to enjoy a delicious meal with your loved one while soaking in the tranquil atmosphere. In the above we have showed some of our best setups which you will get in the tour package

4. Stay in Beach Resorts: The Beach Resorts in Andaman offer a comfortable and luxurious stay with stunning ocean views. They provide a range of amenities such as swimming pools, spa facilities, beach access, and delicious dining options. Staying at a beach resort allows you to enjoy the beauty of the island right at your doorstep and make the most of your honeymoon trip.

5. Visit Monuments , Museums and Local Markets in Port Blair: Port Blair has a rich history and offers a variety of attractions to explore. You can visit monuments like the Cellular Jail, museums showcasing the island’s cultural heritage, and lively local markets where you can shop for souvenirs. These experiences provide a glimpse into the local culture and add a touch of history to your honeymoon trip.

6. Walk Around the Island and Get Lost in Nature: Walking around the island is a great way to immerse yourself in nature. Andaman is blessed with lush greenery, exotic flora and fauna, and breathtaking landscapes. You can wander through forests, hike to viewpoints, or simply stroll along the beaches, allowing yourself to get lost in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

7. Go Swimming, Snorkeling, Jet Skiing, Kayaking etc: Yes, you can participate in various water sports activities like swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing, kayaking, and more. These thrilling adventures allow you to explore the underwater world, glide through the waves, and experience an adrenaline rush. You will have the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing marine life and create unforgettable memories.

8. Spend time stargazing at Neil Islands: Neil Islands offer minimal light pollution, making them an excellent spot for stargazing. Lying under the open sky, you can marvel at the countless stars twinkling above you. It is a peaceful and romantic experience, allowing you to connect with nature and enjoy the beauty of the universe on your honeymoon trip.

If you are planning a honeymoon in Andaman and Nicobar Island, there is no specific time when you should visit. Nevertheless, October to May is one of the best times to travel to Andaman. These references, however, can help you plan your trip according to your interests:

1 Mid Oct to Mid Jan-  If you’re planning a trip with your partner, then this season has excellent weather with thunderstorms. So, you can enjoy the moments of cool breeze along seashores with your partner.


2 Jan to April- This is a perfect time to visit Andaman since there is no rainfall and the temperature is moderate. You will be able to enjoy the sightseeing more clearly this way.


3 Mid-April to June- This is one of the best seasons to enjoy water sports if you’re a sports enthusiast.

4 June to September – Andaman serves as a perfect romantic place during the rainy season. But it is one of the least recommended time to plan your trip. As during rainfall, you may not be able to enjoy the proper tour. However, You can get to relax and enjoy the beauty of rain in this season with your partner.

5 nights and 6 days is the most preferred package by tourists. However, in case of availability of time, you can also opt for 7 nights and 8 days or 8 nights and 9 days package. If you prefer choosing these packages you will tend to experience more leisure time. 

Ultimately, the best time to visit for your honeymoon depends on your preferences:

  • For guaranteed sunny skies and the warmest weather, choose the peak season (December to February). Be prepared for potentially higher prices and larger crowds.
  • For fewer crowds and potentially lower costs, consider the shoulder seasons (April-May and October-November). You might encounter occasional short showers, but the overall weather remains pleasant.
  • During the monsoon months, the prices drop to extremely low, One can find the entire beaches and infinite ocean for themselves only. No queue or waiting.

By choosing the time that best suits your preferences and staying updated on weather forecasts, you can ensure your Andaman honeymoon is an unforgettable experience even in the rainy season (June, July, August & September).

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