Subodh’s 4th Anniversary Trip to Andaman from Delhi

Subodh’s 4th Anniversary Trip to Andaman from Delhi

couple from Delhi who visited Andaman standing in the blue shoreline Radhanagar beach
Couple Tour from Delhi to Andaman Island


What Made Them Visit From Delhi to Andaman?

Theme of Travel: Andaman Couple Tour Package from Delhi

Number of Days: 9 Nights & 10 Days in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Hello travellers!! My name is Subodh. My Wife and I went to our dreams destination – Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This blog is about my travel experience of Andaman Trip from Delhi which we went on a tour package with Dekho Andaman. It includes several helpful tip and tricks for your Andaman island tour which I want to convey to all the travelers.

It was our 4th wedding anniversary, but we booked a Honeymoon package, cause why not? More reasons to celebrate, the merrier. We went on a 9-Day Andaman tour package from Delhi provided to us by Dekho Andaman & Tauseef.  Let me share our experiences here

Reaching From Delhi to Port Blair

a click of couple from Delhi on their trip to Andaman & Nicobar islandsWe were traveling from Gurgaon. Since, Delhi was the nearest airport to us, we took a cab from our home and reached the capital city in 2 hours’ time. We had a flight at 8.00 am in the morning from Delhi to Port Blair, and to mention that Delhi is one of the few cities which have regular flight to Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Information on our Flights from Delhi to Andaman

Name of Flight Company: Air India

Route: Direct flight to Port Blair

Arriving Airport in Andaman: Veer Savarkar Airport , Port Blair

Duration of flight journey from Delhi to Port Blair: 4 hours

Pricing: 11, 500 pp /-

There are various other flights that’s departs every day from Delhi. You can check the below image (from Google Flight Search) to get a good idea on Port Blair flight fares from Delhi

rates of different flights from Delhi to Port Blair

Our itinerary for Andaman and Nicobar Island tour, consisted of our day to day activities, which made travelling very convenient for us. Everything was well planned and managed according to our needs , with the help of Dekho Andaman team .

Recommended Tour Packages From Delhi to Andaman with Flights:

Tour Packages

No. Of Days

Price Per person


10 days Andaman
from Delhi

9 nights 10 days

Rs 45, 000 pp

WhatsApp : +919008912125

7 Days Andaman
from Delhi

7 nights  8 days

Rs 37, 700 pp

WhatsApp : +919008912125

6 Days Andaman trip
from Delhi

6 nights 7 days

Rs 33, 000 pp

WhatsApp :+91 9008912125

Short trip of Andaman
and Nicobar from

4 nights 5 days

Rs 24500 pp

WhatsApp : +919008912125

The above mentioned tour packages includes:

  • Accommodations for the mentioned number of nights
  • Breakfast
  • Flight one way from Delhi to Port Blair
  • All cruise tickets
  • All entry and permits
  • Scuba Diving and Kayaking

This a glimpse of our trip to Andaman from Delhi, which was of 10 days and 9 nights:

  • Port Blair – 5 days (First two days upon arrival from Delhi + Last two days of our tour with an additional Day of our departure)
  • Havelock – 3 days (after the initial two days at Port Blair)
  • Neil Island – 2 days

Experiences At Port Blair City (DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 8, DAY 9 & DAY 10)

No. of Days in Port Blair: 5

Our Hotels : Grand Paradise

the deluxe room of hotel grand paradise in Port Blair.

We landed at the Port Blair airport from Delhi on 20th January and were picked up by the cab services provided by Dekho Andaman.

  • Our cab driver in Port Blair was Mr. Venkatesh ji
  • The hotel was booked by Dekho Andaman it was called “GRAND PARADISE”

Day 1 – First, we went to our hotel room which was located in the middle of the city “to drop off our luggage and freshened up to went out for a lunch.

Post lunch, we visited Corbyn beach in our private cab. And later, we attended an evening light and sound show at Cellular Jail. Honestly, to be able to get to know about Andaman’s history, while being physically present at the cellular jail itself, literally gave us goosebumps.

We ended our first day with a shopping spree at the Aberdeen Bazaar, and as a matter of fact, we found the prices surprisingly affordable.

Day 2 – Water sports Day!!! This was one of the favorite days of my tour package. We begin our day with delicious and healthy breakfast at the hotel to help us fuel ourselves, for the rest of the adventurous day. Then, we were dropped by our cab service to the water sports station. Then we hopped onto the boat to Ross Island and North bay Island which was pre booked. Here, we went for scuba diving. We were absolutely mesmerized with stunning marine life while being submerged in the turquoise blue water.

the couple travelers from Delhi scuba diving in Havelock island


But little did we know, after this bewitching adventure, another memorable experience was awaiting us. As the sun went down, we were on our way for kayaking, but not the regular one, it was Bioluminescence Night Kayaking!!

Kayaking into the extraordinary glowing water under the night bright sky with my beautiful wife. We couldn’t have asked for more. And that’s the end of day two.

On Day 3 we headed to Havelock Island

Experience of Havelock Island (DAY 3, DAY 4 & DAY 5)

couple snorkeling and seeing colorful fishes in the blue waters of elephant beach

No. of Days in Havelock: 3

To start with the itinerary i want to tell you, we booked two resorts for our 3 days stay here.

Our Resorts : Taj exotica & Blue Waves beach resort

front hoarding of Taj resort in Havelock island

Day 3: We begin our third day with an early morning cruise to Havelock Islands in the Luxurious Nautika . It took us roughly one and a half hour of a trip to get there, but we enjoyed every single minute of it. The view, the cool morning breeze and the company of my lovely wife, the whole experience cannot be expressed into words.

Upon arrival, we were received by Mr. Abdulla and team. Our driver was assigned to us and our cab service in Havelock dropped to our resort which was Blue Waves with a private beach access.

Later that day we went on a boat ride to Elephant Island. In addition to scuba diving and kayaking, water sports like sofa rides and bumper rides were on our list of activities. After another memorable day &, we went back to our resort.

 “Couple traveling to Andaman should have at least one complete leisure day in Havelock”

DAY 4: After the several adventurous days, that gave us a massive shot of adrenaline, we decided to spend the next two days chilling. We were picked up the cab service provided by Dekho Andaman, dropped to another beautiful resort, The Taj Resort.

Day 5 either chilling & swimming at the resort or by the beautiful Radhanagar Beach and watched the sunset together.

On the 6th day of our trip and probably the last day at Havelock Island, we woke up early in the morning to witness the famous sunrise at Kalapatthar.

Experience in Neil Island (DAY 6, DAY 7)

After another one of many hypnotizing views, we took a one hour cruise to Neil Island. We ended our day with beautiful sunset at Laxmanpur Beach, where we have travelled to on a two wheeler.

Second day on Neil Island was definitely an explorative day. We went to natural bridge for starters, which is nature’s formation corals into a bridge like structure.

While exploring under the bridge, we were surprised to notice a school of red fishes called Red Snapper. Since the water was shallow and clear, we were easily able to see the fishes up close. This was the most favorite part of the trip for my wife. We called it a day, after a visit to Bharatpur Beach.

On our next day, we went to Sitapur to witness yet another sunrise and then took a cruise back to the Port Blair post breakfast.

Back to Port Blair (DAY 8, DAY 9 & DAY 10)

On 8th day of our travel, we returned back to Port Blair via Nautika Cruise, after touring Havelock and Neil island for 5 days. We were picked up by Mr. Venkat ji in his Ertiga cab from Port Blair jetty.

After dropping our luggage back at the hotel, we went on with our trip. We took a trip to Anthropological Museum, where there were displays of the history and culture of the island’s tribal community.

After our trip to museum, we went out for a lunch and enjoyed another delicious meal at Light House Residency. Post lunch, we went to visit Mount Harriet National Park where we got to see various birds and animals. Later that evening, we were dropped back to our hotel.

To begin our last day i.e the 9th Day of the trip, we went to Baratang in cab where we visited several iconic places like Limestone Cave, Mud Volcano and Marina Park. These places were even more beautiful than the pictures. Not as hectic as we expected and we completed by the trip by 3.30 pm.

In the evening we had some leisure time at Marina Park. This place worth a visit for the couples coming for honeymoon in Andaman for a leisure time in Port Blair

Food Culture in Andaman

As we know Andaman is an island, so the food culture around here is directly influenced by sea. Directly harvested, fresh from the sea, sea food contributes majorly to Andaman’s food culture.

Freshness of the sea food is unmatched here. These delicious Sea food includes fishes, oysters, etc., which can be bought from the local market, and we had a lot fun enjoying sea food here. There are a lot options for vegetarians too, that they can enjoy.

What made you Select Dekho Andaman?

One of my close friends have already travelled to Andaman with Dekho Andaman before. When we expressed our interest in travelling to the Andaman and Nicobar Island, then he strongly suggested us to consider Dekho Andaman and insisted us on placing a call. We thought of planning the entire time on our own but after talking to Tauseef, I decided to go with the Tour Package. Moreover it was a great decision as few problems that arose in the trip was easily sorted by him & his staffs

FAQ from the Travelers Trip

What was the best moment of this tour package from Delhi to Andaman?

The best moment of our entire trip was when we meet a local Coconut guy at Blue Waves, who was cutting fresh coconut straight from the coconut trees and offered us to taste it. The taste of the coconut wasn’t something that I’ve ever tasted before.

What was the best place of your Andaman trip?

The best place of our Andaman trip was Natural bridge, Neil Island. When we visited Neil island, natural bridge was on the top of our list in the best place to visit in Andaman.

Best thing that you did in your Andaman Tour Package?

The best thing we did was when we went to Neil island and had delicious sea food. We had The famous & fresh red snapper fish, which we happen to see earlier at our trip to natural bridge.

Suggestions for Future Travelers

We have made several travel mistakes during our recent trip to Andaman. Let us suggest some trips and trick so that you can avoid the same mistakes during your trip.

  1. Always carry Slippers – Slippers are one of the most important thing to carry while traveling to place with a LOT of beaches. Walking on sand is easier and convenient with the slippers, as they doesn’t get filled with sand like other footwear.

  2. Keep yourself hydrated – With lots of travelling during a tour, one might ignore the fact, that keeping yourself hydrated is one the most basic and important thing. Dehydration can severely affect your health, therefore keep consuming water or other drinks to keep up with your hydration level.

  3. Water Sports at North Bay – You will find a great deals at Water Sports in North Bay , especially if you are booking you couple tour package with the help of Dekho Andaman

  4. Remember to carry sunscreen – Increased exposure to the sun during the travel may cause irritation, sun burn or rashes, which will interfere with all the fun you are supposed to be having. To avoid these problems, always carry and regularly apply sunscreen, and additionally to avoid getting tanned.


Dekho Andaman offers all the information you need for a seamless vacation in Andaman, with great deals and discounts. Find & book Cabs in Andaman, Water Sports activities like Scuba Diving, Night KayakingSea Kart, and you can also find various Honeymoon and Family Tour packages to Andaman here.



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