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Andaman Family Tour Packages

If you are planning to visit a peaceful abode, then this one-stop Andaman Nicobar family tour package guide will make your vacation perfect for your dear and near ones. We do detailed exercises to make your family trip to Andaman a memorable and safely adventurous as well.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a beautiful archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. It’s India’s ‘Tropical Paradise’ that is sure to give tourists a magical taste of turquoise blue waters, colorful marine life, untouched islands, and mystic jungles.

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Andaman Family Tour Packages Cost & Type:

Our Andaman Nicobar Tour Packages for Family have 6+ different itineraries well suited for Travelers who are traveling to Andaman with Kids and elderly people. 

Each “family tour package” has 3 different categories:

  • Luxury
  • Premium
  • Standard

You can find Andaman Nicobar Family Tour Packages starting from Rs8000 /- person and going up to Rs30, 000 /- person.Check below the different types of “Andaman tour packages for family” in accordance with prices :


Andaman Family Tour Packages Below RS15, 000

If you are in budget, and looking for cheap tour packages to then these are some of the best options in Budget Andaman Tour Package for family:

Name of Andaman Family
Tour Package

DurationPricing per adult above 05 yrs

Mini Trip to Andaman
and Nicobar

4 days

Budget Rs7,800

Family Tour Special

5 days

Standard Rs7,800

Premium Rs10, 800

Fantasy Family Trip
Andaman Package

5 days

Standard Rs6,500

Premium Rs10, 800

Port Blair And Havelock
Family Tour 5 NIGHTS

6 days

Standard Rs10,000

Andaman Family Tour
Package with Neil Island

6 daysPremium Rs11,500

Andaman Family Tour Packages Between RS15, 500 – RS25, 000

We also have a variety of Luxury and Premium tour packages starting from RS15,500:

Name of the package

DurationPricing per person above 05 years

Family Tour Special 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS 

5 days

Luxury Rs15, 500

Fantastic Family Andaman 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS 

5 days

Luxury Rs15, 800

Fantasy Family Andaman 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS 

5 days

Luxury Rs15, 900

Family Fun In Islands

7 days

Standard Rs17, 280

Premium Rs19, 455

Luxury Rs22, 500

Andaman Family Tour Package with Neil Island 5 NIGHTS 6 DAYS

6 days

Luxury Rs20, 000

Andaman and Nicobar Family Tour with Port Blair and Havelock 5 NIGHTS 6 DAYS

6 days

Premium RS15, 485

Luxury Rs19, 350

Unravel South Andaman 6 NIGHTS 7 DAYS

7 days

Premium RS19, 270

Luxury RS23, 000

Andaman Family Tour Packages Price Inclusions:                   

  • Accommodations to stay and delight breakfast to serve before exploring and sightseeing.
  • AC vehicle for all sight-seeing programs & airport pickup-drop in all islands. All Parking charges and entry charges.
  • Ferry/cruise tickets and boat tickets to different islands. Permit charges.
  • GST is included for all services, it would be our pleasure to serve you 24 x 7 Customer service.

Dekho Andaman also offers a variety of customized All Inclusive Super Luxury Andaman Family Packages. 

You can contact us or send us an inquiry to design the package to suit your needs.

Best Time To Visit Andaman With Family

The season to visit the island group is October to May. That’s when the temperature is pleasant and ranges from 230 C to 350 C with an average humidity of 80% around. If you want to absorb the local culture, watch the tribal dance and art forms, and enjoy magic shows, then come here during the annual Island Tourism Festival. It is a 10-day carnival and mainly occurs in January. We recommend to our family travelers to avoid Andaman in the months of monsoon from July to September.

The best period to visit: October 1st Week – May End Week

Expected rainy period: October Mid, December Starting, January Mid, and May End

Off season : End June , July and August


Featured Andaman with Neil Island 5 NIGHTS 6 DAYS (Luxury)
6 days02
Andaman, India
Featured Andaman Family Tour Special 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS (Premium)
Featured Andaman Family Tour Special 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS (Standard)
Featured Fantastic Family Andaman 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS (Luxury)
5 days25
Andaman, India
Fantastic Family Andaman 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS (Standard)
5 days25
Andaman, India
Fantastic Family Andaman 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS (Premium)
5 days25
Andaman, India
Featured Andaman Family Tour Special 4 NIGHTS 5 DAYS (Luxury)
5 days02
Andaman, India
Featured Andaman with Neil Island 5 NIGHTS 6 DAYS (Premium)
6 days02
Andaman, India
Featured Andaman with Neil Island 5 NIGHTS 6 DAYS (Standard)
6 days02
Andaman, India

Important Things To Note Before Traveling To Andaman with Family

  • Carry an AIRTEL sim and a BSNL sim as well, as there is no JIO network in Havelock Island and sometimes no network at all for any telecom provider in Neil Island
  • Weather can be unpredicted you can carry Umbrellas and Sunscreen too
  • Drones are not allowed and would require special permissions
  • Its a wise decision to carry cash with you while you are traveling in Andaman Islands. Credit cards and UPI are not accepted in most the places


How To Plan A Trip To Andaman With Family

Ocean lovers, Gear up and plan a trip to see colorful gems underwater. The blissful place is home to the world’s most beautiful islands and sightseeing locations. From one angle, it basks in history; from another, it is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. There’s so much to see and experience in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

 But, if you are tight on schedule or seeking a list, here we are giving you a list of “must-do things” if you’re traveling to Andaman and Nicobar with family”:


  • Book your flight tickets at least 2 months before your arrival
  • Book your Ferry tickets
  • Get done with your choice of resorts, especially in Neil Island and Havelock island as most of the 3-star family-friendly properties like Holiday N Holiday beach Resort, Aqua Beach Resort, Sands Marina Beach Resort, and Pearl Park Beach Resort get sold out much faster
  • Get your cab confirmed before arrival and don’t keep it for the last day
  • If you are booking a family package, try to get It done at least a month to avoid missing out on resorts
  • Make yourself well aware of the itinerary. It’s always good to know the specialties of every place you are going to visit, to avoid missing out on any good experience that you would have wanted to try


  • Get your RTPCR done. But if you are doubly vaccinated Keep a soft copy of the double vaccination report to show it in the Veer Savarkar Airport. Kids above 5 years will have to go for an RTPCR test as well at the airport
  • Make sure about the changes of any guidelines by your travel agents or friends you have in the Andaman Islands. Andaman islands are famous for sudden changes in guidelines so you must stay updated
  • Carry your ID Cards, like an AADHAR Card and Driving License
  • Call your driver beforehand at least 2 hours before you are boarding the flight


  • The trip could be a bit tiring if you are visiting Havelock Island via morning ferry just a day after your arrival. So be prepared for a day with less sleep.
  • Perform Water Sports on different islands rather than doing it all in one place
  • Be ready for ultimate beach time with kids as you will explore a lot of them with different views & scenery


Reaching Andaman Islands With Family

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are accessible by both air and boat. Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair is connected to Kolkata, Chennai, and New Delhi very frequently.

Operational Flight Company: Indigo, Vistara, Go First, Air India

Andaman Family Tours with Flights
  • Andaman family tour from Delhi with flights: IGI Airport New Delhi to VSI Port Blair journey takes 5.15 Hrs. A connecting flight to port Blair from Delhi can take as much as 12 hours
  • Andaman family tour from Kolkata: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International, Kolkata to VSI Port Blair journey takes 2.30 Hrs.
  • Andaman family tour from Chennai: Chennai International, Chennai to VSI Port Blair journey takes 2.15 Hrs. It’s the closest of all cities to mainland India
Andaman Family Tours by Ships 

If you are availing our Andaman packages for a family while you are planning to come via ship then, you must keep an extra 3 to 4 days more the tour package days

The Island can also be reached by waterways. Regular ships leave from Chennai, Kolkata, and Visakhapatnam to Port Blair, and the journey takes around 50- 60 Hours. Due to the long journey, which takes approx. generally, 3 days so a tourist does not choose to travel to Andaman via ship.

Guidelines For Family & Other Travelers

The administration of Andaman and Nicobar Islands has issued guidelines for travelers as following:

  • All incoming passengers above 05 Years of age including those partially and fully vaccinated of the Covid-19 vaccine arriving at Veer Savarkar Airport (VSI), Port Blair from 05th January 2022 onwards shall have to mandatorily carry an RT-PCR negative test report issued from an ICMR-recognized laboratory, subject to the condition that the RT-PCR test should have been taken within 48 Hours before the commencement of journey from the origin airport connecting Port Blair.

Further, all passengers with a history of foreign travel in the last 30 days, all un-vaccinated and partially vaccinated passengers shall also be tested by RT-PCR on arrival at VSI Airport, Port Blair and they have to strictly self-isolate themselves till 

  1. the receipt of a negative RT-PCR report which can take up to 24 hours maximum.
  2. If a passenger on arrival is tested positive then, the prescribed quarantine protocol is to be followed.

Best Itinerary For Andaman With Family


As you and your loving family became landing at Andaman‘s Veer Savarkar International Airport Port Blair, our delegate of Dekho Andaman will attend you with a warm welcome and the Andaman fragrance.  

When it comes to Family Vacation in Andaman Islands then our 6 Days Andaman Family Tour package will be the best. It will make you cover all the important points of Port Blair, Havelock, and Neil Island we mentioned below:


On Day 1 Our delegate will drop you off accordingly to your stay. After check-in, all the tiredness of your journey will vanish when you feel the ultimate combination of seaside property at the sight of the clean and well-decorated rooms.


After taking your Breakfast and Lunch, your unbelievable, remarkable Andaman family tour will start.


CORBYN’S COVE BEACH is one of the most matchless, coconut palm tree beaches and is 7 km away from Port Blair town. Here turquoise color water is clear but only during sunny days to watch and sea waves hit you rapidly so it is an ideal beach for swimming and sleep benches offer to you relax at the shore after a tiring day.


Move ahead to visit 

CELLULAR JAIL – In the evening, don’t miss your to make witness view the history of the great heroic freedom struggle and their sacrifice in “KALA PAANI” which brought make feel alive in a moving LIGHT & SOUND SHOW. 


MARINA PARK– is a small park situated right on the seashore so you can sit there and enjoy the scenic views of the waves hitting the shore. An evening visit is included in most of our Family or Honeymoon Tours to Andaman. Overnight stay at your respective Resort/ Hotel room at Port Blair


The next day DAY 2, in the Morning having a quick breakfast, departing by cruise ship to HAVELOCK ISLAND. After Check-in into Resort /Hotel and get ready with your eyes to soak quite the amazing beauty of awarded World’s 7th most beautiful beach.


 RADHA NAGAR BEACH – There are a lot of Relaxing benches, huts, outposts, and chairs around the beach, along with tall and dense tree forests that give you a place to make feel relaxed and internally calm. You are allowed to take food and water inside the beach gates, where you can sit around with your friends, and family members and enjoy the panoramic view, while the kids play in the white sand.

There is no nexus on swimming at Radhanagar beach and you can play in the sea with your kids.


After the whole day, come back to your resort for an overnight stay.


Things to Do: Swimming, Trekking, See Sunset in RADHA NAGAR BEACH


On the 3rd Day, your journey starts with another beach on Havelock Island where lots of adventure water sports activities to do here and it’s famous to do so.


ELEPHANT BEACH is also located on Havelock Island. It is a desolate beach with sky blue and sea green water full of pristine white sand beaches. Due to being enriched with coral reefs, It feels you to the like biggest and most natural aquarium in which you’ll go lose your heart and brain but never mind,


Things to Do: Elephant beach is famous for its water sports activities-


Jet Skiing: Riding a water scooter across the sea and overtaking the ocean dividing the ocean into two streams behind you.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride: A glass-bottom boat ride is the safest to know underwater marine life. Through the glass, we can see vibrant corals, sea turtles, and more creatures of the sea. 

Sea Walking: Sea walking is the latest water activity and it’s so enjoyable activity amongst all other water sports to exploring undersea water life. Sea walking means you can walk on the sea floor easily with the help of wearing special breathing equipment. You can also include one in your Andaman family tour packages from us to get the best price

Snorkeling: To explore underwater paradise one must be snorkeling at wide Elephant Beach with colorful fish displays, playful turtles, and curious marine life. It is the best way to explore beautiful underwater life on islands, without swimming. Snorkeling is one of the most water activities on this island and we recommend doing so. It will help full to see corals at depths of 15 to 20 meters and it will be thrilling as well as safe

Parasailing: is one of the most adventurous and thrilling experiences one can have on Havelock Island. This activity is available only here at Elephant Beach and is loved by exciting activity enthusiasts. The water sports activity team takes you to the deep sea where the wind is blowing, where you are well tied with a parachute that is attached to a boat.


Next morning i.e. on Day 4, get ready and check out from your resort and hotel. Departure by Cruise Ship to NEIL ISLAND, which is renowned for the name vegetable bowl of Andaman, and enjoy the whole day with your family.


LAKSHMANPUR BEACH: Beach No. 1 located at a distance of 2 Km from Neil Jetty, Lakshampur beach lies in the village of Lakshmanpur. It is one of the most mesmerizing of Neil Island. Lakshampur Beach is an ideal place to watch a sunset.


NATURAL BRIDGE: No one can imagine nature can form naturally. Sea waves cut the rock and a rocky bridge formed itself. This is the main attraction of Lakshmanpur Beach 2.


On Day 5, we will be heading back to the capital city in one of the private ferries. We will have enough time at night, so we will be exploring the shopping areas and market of Port Blair. If you are not traveling in a package then avail of our Cab services in Andaman to explore more points in Port Blair on budget

After fun and spending, all day with family and friends say bye-bye to Andaman and Nicobar islands. 

Being a prestigious guest of the exciting Andaman and Nicobar family tour package we also give you referral bonuses.



Places to Visit in Andaman Islands With Family


If you are planning a tourist trip and want to see stunning biodiversity, white sandy beaches, unspoiled and pretty coral reefs and tropical woodlands then Havelock Island is the place to be.








Then there is Neil Island away from the noisy humdrum. Neil Island can serve as the perfect weekend getaway with your family. Havelock Island and Neil Island are specifically flocked by scuba diving enthusiasts


LAXMNAPUR BEACH – White Sand sunset beach

BHARATPUR BEACH – Famous for its Scuba Diving & Glass Bottom

NATURAL BRIDGE – Signature Point of Neil Island

SITAPUR BEACH – The Sunrise Beach

Port Blair is one of the important attractions located in Andaman Islands and is also the capital city. It is famous for its historical points, museums, Cellular Jail and shopping areas. You can visit  all the permitted islands of Andaman via ferries, as all the boats and ferries departs on regular intervals. Few of the best places that you will visit while you are traveling to Andaman Islands in a tour package:













 You can also Find the all the important information on every tourists attraction from the Andaman Official Website





When a question raises to spend vacations without any tension then it is not so easy to acquire all things in quick mode by itself such as world-class services in accommodation, budgeting trips, travel to all tourist destinations, and safe and secure trips. Then there is only one solution, go with any expert or professional tour operator who can guide you on your entire trip. Also having a supportive local hand is always good
You can opt as per planning your days for the trip, time for vacations, solo, couple, group, or family trip, and type of adventure looking in vacation.



What does Visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands mean to you? This mysterious group of islands is not just a place where you visit for a few days and return to the mainland but it is a place where one can experience so many aspects of nature, culture, wildlife, and history. Our experts offer 6 Days and 5 Nights Andaman and Nicobar Tour Package to visit this mysterious group of islands. It could be the best tour package for your family which covers all beaches to visit and offers proper time to water sports activities. Trekking, foodie moods, shopping, historical places, amazing beaches, and much more here waiting for you and your family. We can add a day or two to cover some more exciting places like Jollybouy island or Baratng Island


Mainly we are always caring about the health of our kids/ infants and elder ones. Therefore Andaman and Nicobar island is a peaceful destination, quite unpolluted, well maintained by all citizens of Andaman, and all members who belong to the tourism industry of Andaman pay special treatment to their guests.

Elders can relax on the beach chairs to pass a leisurely day or go on different boat tours for spotting corals and fish. Indian History is another entity that would drag elderly people to visit the Andaman Islands. Also, you can pay a visit to a few rare existing “sea side temples”.

For kids there are tons of things to try: learning swimming, performing scuba (above 10 years), riding a jet ski, exploring corals in boats, or learning about marine life in museums here.


Andaman and Nicobar Island is very safe and secure for family tourists because the tourism industry shares a major part of the revenue collection of UT. So the government has very strict rules and regulations and the crime rate is very low on this island. Islands like Havelock, Long, and Neil have almost 0% crime rate.


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