Jolly Buoy Island

Jolly Buoy Island Travel Guide 2024: Ferry Booking, Tours & Timings

Welcome to Jolly Buoy Island, an enchanting paradise in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. With its vibrant coral reefs and mesmerizing beauty, this island stands out among the rest. Designated as a National Park by the Indian government, Jolly Buoy offers an unforgettable experience, but with a few rules to ensure its preservation.

Is Jolly Buoy Open?

Good news, island lovers! Jolly Buoy Island, the hidden gem in the Andamans, has been open since mid-January 2024. The ferries to this island are expected to remain operational till May.

A Trip to Jolly Buoy Island

Jolly buoy Island is a sought-after destination for travelers, thanks to its vibrant and lively coral life. The underwater visibility here is truly remarkable, extending up to a distance of 15 meters. For those planning a visit to this mesmerizing beauty, it is advisable to allocate an additional half day in Port Blair. This necessitates an overnight stay in Port Blair.

Requisites For Jolly Buoy Trip

Permit from I P & T Department Andaman Island

Travelers can obtain the permit for the Jolly Buoy Island from the Tourism department counter

Getting The Permit

How to Get Permit for Jolly Buoy?

Planning to visit Jolly buoy island, then you have to get the forest permission to enter. There are two counters in the IP & T department one is dedicated for issuing the permit while from the other counter travelers can book the ferry tickets.

  • Submit a Xerox copy of Aadhar card or any ID proof at the counter in I P & T department
  • Fill the application on the spot and submit it
  • Make the payment of Rs75 /-
  • Get your permit 




Ferry Tickets To Be Booked For Jolly Buoy

Private ferry tickets can be booked from the local ferry providers or operators

Now once you have got the the Permits & Ferry done. Next thing is to reach the ferry point & for the same you can hire a cab or travelers can aso reach in 2 wheelers.

Get Tickets Instantly!

Find and book ferry to various islands in Andaman Islands. North Bay, Ross Island, Elephant beach and Jolly Buoy Island

Jolly Buoy Island can only be reached by a ferry ride from Marine National Park in Wandoor. Travelers can reach Wandoor in cab from Port Blair city. The boat or ferry ride itself is a breathtaking experience, with beautiful islands and lush greenery visible along the way.

Jolly Buoy Island remains open for tourists for a limited period of the year. The island is accessible from October to April, making these months the ideal time to plan your visit. However, please note that after April, the island is closed to visitors. Instead, during this period, Red Skin Island is open and welcomes tourists. Make sure to plan your trip accordingly so that you don’t miss out on this place

Important Pont to note before visiting:

Here are some important points to keep in mind before visiting Jolly Buoy Island:

Jolly Buoy Island is a protected area and entry is restricted. Visitors need to obtain the necessary permits in advance to visit the island.

Permits are to be taken from I P & T Department two days before the trip

Plastic is strictly banned on the island to protect the marine ecosystem. Visitors are not allowed to carry any plastic items such as bags, bottles, or containers. 

Visitors need to pass through a security check before entering the island. It is important to cooperate with the authorities and follow their instructions.

The boat ride from Wandoor to Jolly Buoy Island can be bumpy and uncomfortable for some. It is advisable to take motion sickness medication beforehand if needed.

Visitors are not allowed to touch or disturb the marine life on the island. It is important to maintain a safe distance from the coral reefs and marine animals.

The island has limited facilities, such as restrooms and changing rooms. Visitors are advised to carry their own towels and other essentials.

The best time to visit Jolly Buoy Island is during the winter months between November and February when the weather is pleasant and the sea is calm.

Things to Know on Jolly buoy

Jolly Bouy Trip with Wandoor

Booking Boat to Jollybuoy Island & Schedule

Booking a boat to Jolly buoy island can be a hectic task during the season time, but we Dekho Andaman make it simple and easy. Book Jolly Buoy tickets with us and get instant confirmation 


There are open deck privately operated ferries which operates daily from the Mahatma Marine National Park Jetty.

Boat Departure Timing is strictly restricted to 8.00 am & 9.00 am. Sometimes during bad weather, some delays in the time are expected and in case the winds are stronger than 25 km /h, the sailing can be canceled as well.


OPEN  DECK FERRY Rs1, 800 + Rs75 (permit) 8.00 AM & 9.00 AMBOOK NOW

Note: The Jolly Buoy Island Ferry tickets price has been increased from 1000 to Rs 1850 for this season. Also, many water activities are now closed in the island to further protect the marine life here .But travelers can still enjoy Glass Bottom Boat Ride & Snorkeling after reaching island. Pre booking of the water activities is also possible.

You can easily reach the jetty point which is also called Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park from Port Blair in a cab or Bus. Here you need to show the ferry tickets to the officials issued by the Dekho Andaman. Post which you will be allowed to enter the jetty. You are all set now to board the ferry

Yes its also possible to get the tickets to Jolly buoy from the counter located at the jetty directly. But its seriously not advisable, since there is only  one or two ferries departing , the tickets are always in high demand


Jolly Buoy Island Tour Packages

If you are planning a package tour to Andaman and want to witness this untouched island. The Dekho Andaman team has made some well-crafted itineraries. We will take you to Jolly Buoy Island with some great places including Havelock and Neil.

Let’s explore the prices of different types of packages to Andaman Island with Jolly Buoy in it





Andaman Island with Jolly

5 nights 6 days

Standard– Rs 17, 500

Premium– Rs 19, 000

Luxury– Rs 24, 000

Port Blair (3 nights) + Havelock (2 nights)

Jolly Buoy Fantastic Family

4 nights 5 days

Standard– Rs 14, 000

Premium– Rs 16, 000

Luxury– Rs 18, 000

Port Blair (3 nights) + Havelock (1 night)

Best of Ross island and
Jolly Buoy Island

6 nights 7 days

Standard– Rs 22, 862

Premium– Rs 30, 000

Port Blair (4 nights) + Havelock (1 night) +

Neil (1 night)

8 Days Andaman Nicobar
Jolly Buoy Island Package

7 nights 8 days

Premium– Rs 30, 890

Luxury– Rs 33, 000

Port Blair (4 nights) + Havelock (2 night) +

Neil (1 night)

Jolly Buoy Island Ferry @ Rs 1, 850

*Please fill the above form to book your Jolly buoy Island tickets. Our customer support team will revert back to you in 2-3 hours. Incase of urgency you can calls us: +916361545390

How to Book Jolly bouy tickets?

Other Places To Explore

Where is Jolly buoy Island located?

Jolly Buoy Island, located in the Mahatma Gandhi National Park, is a popular tourist island of Andaman and Nicobar, as affirmed by the many positive reviews from visitors. It is 18 km from Port Blair City and 3 km from Wandoor Jetty

It’s unique to see that this island is just 1 km long and 500 m wide. You will find hundreds of underwater species with various colors. This place has always been the love of all the ocean technology guys & scientists. The variety of marine life on display is nothing short of incredible, and visitors find themselves wishing they could stay and experience the island’s beauty indefinitely.

Reaching Jolly Buoy Island

Reaching Jolly Buoy Island involves first a road trip and then a ferry ride. You have to reach Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park jetty in order to start your sea journey to Jolly Buoy. Here are the steps involved in it

Fun Road trip awaits! Hop on a taxi or bus from Port Blair, and head toward the county side of Port Blair, The Wandoor. Reach the Mahatma Gandhi National Park jetty. Here you will show your Dekho Andaman ferry ticket 

  • Cab Journey from Port Blair to Jetty Point: 35- 40 minutes

Let’s Ride with the Tide! We will hop on to the ferry after the tickets ahs been checked by the officials. The ferry will take at least 30 minutes to reach the periphery of the island. 

  • Ferry Journey to Jolly buoy from Jetty: 30 minutes (one side)

At The Paradise : And Hola! You re here, expereicning the most beauitful island of Andaman! Make your every second count! 

  • Ferry return Journey to Jetty: 30 minutes (other side)

Back to Hotel: Hop on to the cab waiting for you at the parking (only for the pre booked cab)for you retun back journey to hotel

  • Cab Journey back to Port Blair: 35- 40 minutes

Additional Information:

Usually when people visit Jolly buoy island, Wandoor beach is never missed. So after you retun to the jetty , you can ask your cab to take you to this beautoful beach whihc is hardly 5 km from the jetty Point. 

Mahatma Gandhi National Park

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park consists of a collective set of islands whose flora and fauna are under the protection of Govt. These sets of islands consist of some beautiful places filled with colorful coral life, beautiful greeneries, and an obvious white sand beach.

Many islands come under this national park:

  • Jolly buoy Island
  • Red Skin Island
  • Pluto Island
  • Maly Island
  • Hop Day
  • Alexandria Island

In all the above-mentioned islands only a few of them travelers can visit. Jolly Buoy Island and Red Skin are the two.

The ecosystem here is very fragile. So, govt. has placed some strict regulations to monitor the movement of people inside the marine park.

Exploring Jolly buoy

The island itself is pristine, and the sea water is crystal clear and stunning, akin to what is seen in Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The island is very small and Entire Island can be covered by foot in just 30 minutes. Though you won’t be allowed to inside the jungle as the forest is protected by wildlife and many reptiles can be found

The island has reasonable fees for all trips, including coral viewing and sea life viewing through glass-bottom boats. The one-hour Coral View trip costs Rs 1000 per person and is worth every penny. The island’s restrooms serve their purpose, and visitors find the guides on the ferry to be friendly and informative.

Overall, Jolly Buoy Island is a must-visit destination for those who want to experience the beauty of marine life and the serenity of a well-preserved island.

More information on Jolly Buoy Island can be found at

Things to do in Jolly buoy Island

  1. Snorkeling: Snorkeling at Jolly Buoy Island provides a unique opportunity to explore an ecologically protected area with diverse coral reefs and abundant marine life. Strict environmental regulations, & exceptional water clarity, contributes to an unforgettable snorkeling experience distinct from other snorkeling sites in Andaman.
  1. Glass Bottom Boat: The ride to the island on a glass boat to view the marine life below is a truly unique experience that never fails to amaze visitors. You can book the ride directly from the Island.

Itinerary for Jollybouy Trip

7.00 AM: We will start from our hotel and head towards the Wandoor Jetty.

8.00 am: Reach the Wandoor Jetty also known as Mahatma Gandhi National Park which is the starting point of our Jollybouy Island Trip. The forest guards and police officers will check out tickets and allow us to get into the boat

8.30 AM: The ferry ride itself is a beautiful experience, as visitors can see the lush greenery and beautiful islands surrounding them as they make their way to Jolly Buoy Island.

9.30 am: Reach the floating jetty which will be attached to the beach of this Island in 30 minutes

9.45 am: Get out to the beach and have some enjoyment playing with the white sand

Explore the other regions of the beach

You can get down the blue & green waters. Its recommended here to try Snorkeling and the glass bottom boat

2.00 pm: We will be ready for the departure. Hop on to the ferry

2.30 pm: Reach back to the Wandoor jetty by 3.00 pm

Preserving the Island

The government has taken necessary steps to ensure the island remains clean and well-preserved. There are strict security checks to avoid plastic invasion, and visitors are encouraged to carry their food and drinks in glass or steel containers to avoid littering.


What is special about the Jolly Buoy Island?

The Andaman Island’s Jolly Buoy is widely recognized for its highly preserved coral reefs. Because it closes every six months, the marine life is highly colorful & rich in fish life, thus making it one of the best spots to experience underwater life.

October through May are the ideal months to explore Jolly Buoy Island. The island remains open to visitors throughout these months. And the weather is also perfect making the waters here turn out to be completely blue. You can easily enter this island with a permit from the forest department, provided that you reserve the ferry tickets from the counter of the Tourism department.


Tourists visiting Andaman and Nicobar for holidays can plan a trip to Jolly Buoy Island to witness the amazing underwater world through various activities. But going into the water here for a swim is strictly prohibited in reason to protect the coral life from damage. Although there are many other beaches in Andaman where you can enjoy a swim or go into the water for the playful purpose

Entering the Jolly Buoy Island does not require entry tickets, but rather a permit charge of Rs 75/- payable to the Forest Department. Aside from this fee, no other fees are collected on or at the island. Permit fees must be paid at the Andaman and Nicobar Tourism Department’s permit issuance counter.

It is to be noted that just a few years back, many water sports including Scuba Diving and water rides, used to take place here at the island. But right now due to protect the aquatic life here, there aren’t many activities available for tourists on Jolly Buoy Island. The best is snorkeling, while there are other options like glass bottom rides can be performed, after we get at the island. Even though there are just two activities, the experience of seeing one of the world’s best coral reefs will be unparalleled.

Fans of snorkeling will not be dissatisfied at Jolly Buoy Island! While there aren’t many other activities available, snorkeling offers amazing opportunities to see the colorful coral reefs and marine life. Snorkeling excursions provided by ferry crew members itself after getting down at the island

Jolly Buoy Island does not offer accommodation facilities due to the fact that, it is a Marine National Park. But, visitors can spend a delightful 3-4 hours exploring the island’s pristine beauty and marine treasures before. In order to find the nearest place to stay , you can check resorts at or near to Wandoor Beach

Tours related to the Jolly buoy Island


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