Scuba Diving in Havelock Island – Boat Diving

Scuba Diving in Havelock Island – Boat Diving


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Tired of hearing about easy Shore diving in Andaman. Are you looking for something more adventurous?

Boat diving in Havelock also called as Deep Sea Diving  is quite famous. Just a few years back, it was considered somewhat of an adventure & luxury to jump off the boat. But now you can find 5-6 good Dive centers in Havelock who are giving tourists an opportunity to experience this

Boat Diving is a form of scuba diving where you go far away from the shore into the ocean with other people and divers on a speed boat that takes you to different dive spots. It is done in groups and you need to be trained on the shore before you can participate in this activity.

If you are going for a Scuba diving in Havelock by a boat you will be taken to following spots:

  1. Tribe Gate
  2. Light House

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Key Points for Boat Scuba Diving in Havelock:

  • No Swimming Skill Required
  • Should be above 10 years of age to perform the boat dive in Andaman
  • More adventurous than Shore Diving
  • Training will be done at the shore of Nemo Beach
  • Boarding point in the Boat will be done from Nemo Beach or any other point as suggested by the Diving Centre
  • Personal PADI licensed Scuba Diver
  • Diving from a boat may require doing a back flip
  • Guests, who registered for Diving will only be allowed to get onto the boat
  • Flight time and Diving should have a difference of at least 24 hours
  • No major surgery should have taken place for at least an year
  • Heart problems are not entertained
  • Must not have Blood Pressure issue
  • Travelers with Sinus problems will not be allowed


Authorized Scuba Diving Team for Boat Diving in Havelock  : 

  • Aloknath - Instructor (PADI NO: 383765)
  • Rizwan Khan - Instructor (PADI NO: 306403)
  • Saneesh - Dive Master (SSI NO: 77666)
  • Kim Richard -  Dive Master (PADI NO: 402048)
  • K Rahul - Rescue Diver
  • Satya - Supporting Staff
  • Sajjad - Boat Master
  • Veer - Bat Crew

To Check , if the Divers are registered and renewed , kindly go to : PADI Website


Since we are also a Water Sports vendor , here is the list of our Tie Up Dive Centers :

  • The Dive Master
  • Dive India
  • Havelock Divers
  • Scuba Lov
  • Blue Corals Dive


Diving Spot Information:

Depth: 12 m

Level: Beginners & Semi Pro

Reef: Tribe Gate, Lighthouse or The Wreck

Place: Havelock

Type: Boat Dive

Guide1 Dive Master & 1 Photographer

About the Reef of Boat Diving in Havelock :
The most beautiful and colorful coral reefs can be found just a few miles from the shore of NEMO Beach at Havelock Island. These reefs are only accessible by boat and can be explored as part of a scuba diving trip in Havelock. Visiting this natural wonder is an experience like no other, as it is one of the healthiest reefs in the world, due to low levels of pollution and interference from tourists or boats.


Time Division of the Deep Dive Scuba Session:

  • Training time: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Boat Sailing time: 15 + 15 minutes
  • Underwater time: 40 to 45 minutes
  • Miscellaneous: 60 to 80 minutes
    Total Time: 3 Hours


Best Time Slots For Diving In Havelock:

  • Early morning: 6.00 am – 9.00 am
  • Morning: 8.00 am – 11.00 am
  • Before Noon: 10.00 am – 01.00 pm


Equipment’s You Will Be Provided By Scuba Diving Centre: 

  • BCD (Buoyancy Control Device)
  • Speed Boat
  • Dive Computer
  • Compass
  • Regulators
  • Cylinders
  • SMBs/ Markers
  • Masks
  • Fins
  • Wetsuits
  • Weight belts
  • Booties


Scuba In Havelock GALLERY

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Know More About The Scuba Diving Centre


  • All the travelers who are opting for Boat Diving in Havelock will be requested to abide in accordance with the rules & regulations formulated by the Dive Centre.
  • Before the activity begins, adventurers must let their instructors know if they have any medical conditions that could affect them on water.
  • Listen to the Training and Briefing carefully from your instructor.
  • Don't sit by the edges of boat before and after the dive until unless instructed



Don't worry about the cost of diving in Andaman Nicobar Islands. Just dive with us and you will get the Best Boat Scuba Diving Experience in Havelock Island at the Best price. We ensure hassle-free service and give you the best instructors who are certified from PADI and SSI to make your dive a memorable experience.





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Why Travel with Dekho Andaman

Tour Plan

DAY 1 Briefing Session

  • In the evening before dive, instructor will  come to meet you at your resort

(All the briefing session will be held on this day evening post sunset at your preferred tinning)

  • Instructor will make you aware about the Dive Centre, will give you small session on training procedure and health conditions required
  • The talking session will last for maximum half an hour and he will leave

Note: You can the briefing session on the day of Dive as well and instructor shall not visit you if you inform him the same

DAY 2 Training and Diving

  • You will be picked up from you resort in Havelock island and the driver will take you to our selected dive center. If you are having a 2 wheeler you can ride on your on your own  for which instructor will give you the location details
  • The instructor will greet you. And you will be made to fill the medical form as briefed by the instructor earlier
  • The Ground staff will hand you over Wetsuit and you will be asked to enter the changing room to remove your clothes and wear the wetsuits above your undergarments.
  • We will head to the Nemo beach in a Cab where our training session will be taken place.
  • You will asked to write your name in the log book at the counter of Boat Diving and after that a Dive Master will be assigned to you.
  • After you enter into the shore waters you will be made to wear BCDS, masks and weight belts, properly guided by the Dive Master with the help of a ground staff. You will learn how to breathe underwater using these items. After practicing this for a while, you will be taught hand signals by the dive instructor.
  • In the boat dive training he will also teach you how to use your fins to control your movement inside the water
  • After the completion of training successfully, we will get on to the boat located at shore.
  • The boat will start its journey towards the reef with the group which can be: Tribe Gate, Light house etc. It will take 20 minutes max to reach to the coral reef spot. The Dive master will wear its kit and jump into the ocean.
  • You will be then ask to sit at the edge of the boat. The Crew member of the boat will then put the BCD with Cylinders at your back, and equip you with masks, regulators, and fins. A BACK FLIP is what you got to do to plunge into the ocean. Some boats have a ladder attached to help you get down from the boat.
  • Once you are on the water you will start to float. The Dive Master will come and make you stable to get you ready as we are about to go inside the water.
  • Gradually you both will descend inside the water with the help of BCDs
  • The underwater diving in havelock will last for  45 minutes where you will explore some the untouched marine life of Andaman islands
  • The cameraman will be taking your photos at various points. A minute video will also be shot and given complimentary
  • You will be then slowly ascended above and with the help of ladder you will get back to the boat.
  •  Crew members will help you with the handling of equipment’s and now you can relax for a while sitting on the chairs of the boat enjoying the limitless adventure session of your scuba dive.
  • The boat will head back towards the shore
  • We will then return to Dive Centre where you can have a shower. Change up your clothes in the same changing room & collect your photos , videos
  • You will be dropped back to your resort


  • All Diving Equiplments
  • PADI or SSI Approved Dive Masters
  • Underwater Photos & videos
  • Ertiga cab for resort pickup and drop
  • Guidance of Dekho Andaman Team
  • Cab for Dive Centre to Nemo Beach & vice versa
  • Underwater Session of 30 - 40 minutes
  • Boat for transfers
  • Meals on board

“Pay Only after arrival”
Pay a token amount and confirm your tour without getting worried about the last minute cancelations. 

“Flexible Trips”
No need to follow strict schedule on Touring days. All the activities and tours are easily flexible as per the client needs.


Booking Policy

Payment shall be made as per the payment schedule:

50% of total cost for booking to be paid

50% remaining amount to be paid before the activity starts

Though we encourage our clients to pay the maximum amount to avoid any hindrance and unwanted delays in the trip once it began

Payment can be made either online via:

  1. Credit cards issued by banks and financial institutions that are part of the Visa &Master Card .Other international cards are also acceptable
  2. Visa & Master Card Debit cards for Indian Travelers;
  3. UPI (PhonePay, Gpay, PayTm)
  4. Net banking (NEFT or IMPS)

Please check the Confirmation Policy and Cancellation policy below


Cancellation Policy for Boat Diving

If you cancel the Activity service you booked, cancellation fees will apply. A cancellation will only be effective when we receive written confirmation or email or Watsapp of the cancellation. If you cancel a trip:

  1. Before 24 hours  – No amount will be deducted & you will receive your entire amount
  2. Between 0 - 24 hours – 50% of the deposited amount will be deducted

Confirmation Policy Boat Diving in Havelock

After the confirmation of package via email or WhatsApp , the customer will ask to deposit the initial amount of 50% of the total amount 

A confirmation voucher will be generated and send to your respective email or WhatsApp  once initial the amount is received. Confirmation voucher will be in PDF format and it will have your Diving ID , Diving Point & Name of Diving Instructor and the amount you paid .The balance amount mentioned has to be paid as per the terms



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