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Want to explore tropical evergreen forests, pristine sandy beaches, and wonderful marine life! The Andaman islands in India are the perfect place for you and your loved ones to visit. Plan a trip to the Andaman & Nicobar islands with Dekho Andaman’s, Andaman Nicobar Tour Packages and experience the enchanting beaches, sunrise, sunsets, and many water sports for a remarkable sweet vacation. Our expert team has designed ever-demanding tour packages to Andaman’s which also offers our travelers information on : How to reach, what places to explore, where and which activities to try, and guidance of our local team in your entire tour! About Tour Packages to Andaman and Nicobar Islands Honeymoon Family Vacation Backapack Andaman tour package from Dekho Andaman comes in handy for all the travelers who are planning their trip to this paradise. We offer Family Tour Packages, Honeymoon tour packages, and various Adventure Andaman Tours which particularly come with water activities included in the tour. Andaman tour starts with 3 Days and it can go as long as 10 to 11 days depending on your requirements and the places you want to visit. The recommended tour packages of Andaman and Nicobar Islands from Dekho Andaman are generally for 6 days where we will make you cover Port Blair which is the capital city, Havelock Island, and Neil island exploring various beaches of these islands and also indulging you in the other worldly underwater sports here.

Where is Andaman?

Andaman Islands are a group of islands located on the Bay of Bengal in India, it is a union territory of India but is far away from the mainland. Andaman islands are comprised of 572  different islands out of which only 38 are habited but not all open for tourism. There are only 5-6 famous islands that are generally visited by tourists comprising Havelock island, Neil island, Ross Island, Baratang Island, and North Andaman.

How to Reach Andaman?

Most tourists search for calm, and peace and need to rejuvenate themselves from heavy work scheduled lifestyle. Dekho Andaman offers to them Andaman holiday packages to enjoy their holidays in a pleasant place with quality time as it is the best location around the sea to spend holidays. We can reach the Andaman Islands there in two ways:

1. By Flights

Andaman and Nicobar islands have an airport in Port Blair which also happens to be the capital city. Direct flights are available from the metro cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. NAME OF THE ANDAMAN AIRPORT: VEER SAVARKAR AIRPORT FLIGHTS OPERATIONAL: INDIGO, VISTARA, AIR INDIA, GO FIRST

Flights to Andaman

2. By Ships

Ferry to Andaman can be boarded from Chennai, Kolkata, and Vishakhapatnam. This way of reaching the Andaman Islands is generally not opted by visitors since it takes 3 days at the least to reach Andaman and Nicobar islands. Though not preferred by many travelers traveling to Andaman and Nicobar Islands but if you are having time then reaching Andaman through a ship is an ultimate experience in itself. The ship doesn’t sail to Port Blair every day.  You can get the schedule from the DSS department up to 2 months before your arrival. By Ships As we know Andaman and Nicobar islands are located in the Bay of Bengal and  it is surrounded by water from all 4 directions.  The only way to reach from one island to another is either by government ferries, private cruises, or speed boats.

Places to Visit in Andaman and Nicobar Tour Packages

In our tour packages, you will be visiting various places in Port Blair, Havelock, and Neil Island. Here are a few of the famous places of the Andaman and Nicobar islands that we will be including in our Andaman tour packages:
  • Cellular Jail
The Cellular Jail plays an important role in the freedom struggle of India as it has witnessed the inhuman atrocities faced by the freedom fighters in the hands of Britishers. The Jail is now dedicated to the nation as a national memorial and is open for visitors from 9 AM to 12:30 PM and from 1:30 PM to 5 PM. However, closed on Mondays and national holidays. It takes about two hours to complete the entire tour of the Cellular Jail. The Light and sound show happens every evening and is a must-watch as it brings alive the inhuman atrocities that the jail had witnessed.
  • Marina Park
Marina Park is a small park situated right onto the seashore so you can sit there and enjoy the scenic views of the waves hitting the shore. An evening visit is a must and is included in most of our Family or Honeymoon tours to Andaman
  • Corbyn’s Cove Beach
It’s a beautiful beach and you can try a lot of water sports activities there or just like us and just chill and enjoy the beach Ross Island and North Bay Island Both two have major attractions and are a must-visit if you are in Port Blair. For visiting both of the islands one needs to book a ferry from Marina Park. The tickets for these ferries can be available in the Marina Park and guides are present there to help you with the ticket booking. The ferry will first take you to Ross Island and from there it will take you to North Bay Island.

Havelock Island (Swaraj beach)

Next on our itinerary is Havelock, our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi renamed Havelock into Swaraj Deep in the honor of Netaji Shubhash Chandra Bose. The only way to reach Havelock from Port Blair is by cruise or Govt. Ferries. You can book the tickets online or also can ask your tour operator to do the booking for you. The Journey to Havelock island takes about two hours and the beautiful views it offers are just so amazing that you won’t realize how these two hours will just fly by. Havelock has lots of options for resorts and hotels we recommend taking a beachfront property to get the most out of the splendor and wondering sea beaches. We already provide you with private beach properties in all our Premium and Luxury Tour Packages to Andaman Now coming back to things to do in Havelock, they have some of the world’s renowned white sand beaches
  • Radhanagar Beach
Radhanagar beach is located on the western coastal area in Havelock island of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, it is the most popular and beautiful beach on the Asia continent and is entitled to the best beach in Asia. Along with the 7th most mesmerizing beach in the world. Apart from this, we can have options such as water volleyball, lying down on the beach to feel the sun on your body in the pleasant autumn, walking with semi-wet feet on the sea shore, and getting energetic to see sea waves touch your feet. Sure your heart never forget such amazing moments. Next, we have to visit Elephant Beach.
  • Elephant Beach
You can reach Elephant beach by boat or by a small trekking way of 2 km through the Jungle. Most adventurous people prefer trekking. By reaching at Elephant beach by speed boat takes around 20- 30 minutes for 8.7 Kms. But if you are starting your journey through the tropical forest then must go with your guide. Elephant beach is also located on Havelock Island. It is a desolate beach with sky blue and sea green water full of white sand.  Being enriched with coral reefs makes elephant beach more special from all than all beaches of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. It feels you to the like biggest and most natural aquarium in which you’ll go lose your heart and brain but never mind, Elephant beach is famous for its water sports activities: Jet Skiing:  Riding a water scooter across the sea and overtaking the ocean dividing the ocean into two streams behind you. Glass Bottom Boat Ride: A glass-bottom boat ride is the safest to know underwater marine life. Through the glass, we can see vibrant corals, sea turtles, and more creatures of the sea. it makes your memorable moments of joy as you go deeper into the Sea Walking: Sea walking is one of latest water activity and it’s s the easiest underwater activity to try amongst all other water sports. Sea walking means you can walk on the sea floor easily, with the help of wearing special breathing equipment similar to the helmet of an Astronaut . You can also include one in your Andaman packages from us to get the best price Snorkeling: To explore an underwater paradise from the surface,  one must be snorkeling at Elephant Beach with colorful fish displays, playful turtles, and lively nemos . It is the best way to explore beautiful underwater life on islands, without swimming. With the help of Snorkeling masks you an spot corals at depths of up to 6 meters on a sunny day and it will be thrilling as well as safe Lots of vendors and fruit stalls are available to serve you.

Neil Island

Neil Island is very small in area and connected with Port Blair and Havelock by Private Ferries and Government Ferries. Neil Island has a geological base as we know it for tropical dense forest, and splendor biodiversity. And along with this we also know it for its magical white pristine sandy beaches and coral reef that shines when sun rays pass away from shallow water in the coastal line. As its historical background, to give a tribute to Neta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose PM Narendra Modi announced that Neil Island would be renamed Shaheed Dweep from 30 Dec 2018. Neil Island also has good cultivation of Vegetables and Fruits due to its favorable climate conditions.  We know it by another name which is Vegetable Bowl.
  • Lakshmanpur Beach
Beach No. 1 located at a distance of 2 Km from Neil Jetty, Lakshampur beach lies in the village of Lakshmanpur. It is one of the most mesmerizing of Neil Island. Lakshampur Beach is an ideal place to watch a sunset. Tourist special comes to capture such beautiful scene when the sun goes set it feels like the sun goes down sea with amazing golden crown rays. This serene beach offers a stunning panorama, especially when the sun sets.
  • Natural Bridge
How amazing it is! A bridge could be naturally formed. Yes Neil Island’s next attraction is Natural Bridge.  No one can imagine nature can form it naturally. Sea waves cut the rock and a rocky bridge formed itself. This is the main attractive location of Lakshmanpur Beach 2. The Scenic location of this place is one of the best in the Andaman. In our Andaman tour packages, you will be taken here when there is a low tide either in the day or evening time. Here the rocky surface is very rough or slippery with lots of dead corals. The waves crashing on the beach and the greenery adds to the beauty. You can find colorful corals, sea urchins, starfish, etc. here on this rocky beach hidden behind & beneath the rocks on the way.

Best place to eat on your Andaman trip

Several places to eat in Port Blair and most of the restaurants are available at or near Aberdeen Bazaar & Marina Park. The Restaurant offers a wide range of tasty sea foods with a variety of dishes and also offers chilled beers in the evening. If you are looking to experience the nightlife in Port Blair then we tell you that there are not many options but you can hang around in some sea-facing bars like Amaya lounge of Sea Shells, Light House open Dhaba restaurant, Roxy Bar, and Sincairs’ Bayview. Coming to the Andaman Islands with the tour packages we assure you to take either of these places for dinner or lunch Havelock Island has a wide range of shacks and various kinds of seafood options from lobsters to bangra fries to fresh prawns. You get everything here when you are in Andaman and you should not give coconut water a miss,as the taste is just so refreshing. Check out the best restaurants of Havelock and find everything about the food culture of Havelock Island.

What is the Best time to visit Andaman & and Nicobar Islands?

Andaman’s is a year-round destination but we would recommend taking updates from our travel expert team during the monsoon season and also during the peak time of December as there can be cyclone formations during this month. If you are planning a trip you have to just go with our Andaman tour package on our travel portal of Dekho Andaman.  It is best to visit Andaman between pleasant autumn and perfect summer season which is between January and mid-April This is when it’s drier, but also cooler, which makes for better weather conditions. October to December are also very good times for visiting because of their lower temperatures, but you will have to deal with some cyclonic storms and unpredictable rainfall during those months. You can easily plan for holiday packages to Andaman & Nicobar between May and June because temperatures are moderate and there are fewer tourists on the island (50 % of the peak times). This means that you’ll have more privacy than in high season or at other times of year—and you can be experiencing the best water sports due to the warm temperature of the ocean July, August, and mid-September are mostly filled with rainy days but you are free to visit the Andaman islands during these times too. The prices of tour packages to Andaman during this monsoon month generally get cut down by 20 – 25 % and that will save you a lot on your Andaman trip

Categories of Andaman & Nicobar Family Tour Packages :

Luxury Andaman Family Tour Package Premium Andaman Family Tour Package Standard Andaman Family Tour Package


Dekho Andaman offers all the information you need for a seamless vacation in Andaman, with great deals and discounts. Find & book Cabs in Andaman, Water Sports activities like Scuba Diving, Night KayakingSea Kart, and you can also find various Honeymoon and Family Tour packages to Andaman here.



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