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    There are 4 best ferries that sail in between the islands of Port Blair , Havelock Island & Neil Island. Get Your Andaman ferry tickets here :




    Port Blair to Havelock 
    Premium : INR 1,350
    Deluxe : INR 1,950
    Royal :INR 1,550

    Book Ferry

    7.00 am / 10.00 am
    11.30 am / 02.00 pm

    2 HOURS

    Havelock to Neil 
    Premium : INR 1,150
    Deluxe : INR 1,550
    Royal : INR 1,250

    Book Ferry

    9.30 am

    1 HOUR

    Neil to Port Blair 
    PREMIUM: INR 1,250
    DELUXE: INR 1,750
    ROYAL: INR 1,550

    Book Ferry

    11.00 am

    1 ½ HOURS

    CATEGORY: Premium(200 seats) , Deluxe(100 seats) and Royal(20 seats)



    Departure Timings

    Port Blair to Havelock

    7.30 AM & 11.45 AM

    Havelock to Neil 

    9. 30 AM & 2.00 PM

    Neil to Port Blair

    11.00 AM & 3.30 PM

    CATEGORY: Premium (200 seats) and, Royal (150 seats)

    Nautika Ferry Prices

    Port Blair – Havelock Book Ferry
    Premium : INR 1,350
    Royal :INR 1,550

    Havelock – Neil Book Ferry
    Premium : RS1,150
    Royal : RS1,250

    Neil to Port Blair Book Ferry
    PREMIUM: RS1,350
    ROYAL: RS1,550


    CATEGORY: Silver (200 seats) and Majesty (150 seats)

    Green Ocean Prices & Schedule

    Port Blair to Havelock
    Departure Time: 7.00 am / 2.00 pm 
    Journey Time : 2 Hours
    Economy : INR 1,250 Luxury :INR 1, 450
    Royal : INR Rs1, 550
    Book Ferry

    Havelock to Neil
    Departure Time: 10.00 am 
    Journey Time : 1 Hour
    Economy : INR 950 Luxury :INR 1, 050
    Royal : INR Rs1, 250
    Book Ferry

    Neil to Port Blair
    Departure Time: 12.00 pm
    Journey Time : 1 1/2  Hours
    Economy : INR 1,050 Luxury :INR 1, 350
    Royal : INR Rs1, 450
    Book Ferry

    CATEGORY: Silver (200 seats) and Majesty (150 seats)

    ITT Majestic Ferry Prices & Schedule

    Port Blair to Havelock
    Departure Time: 10.00 am / 11.30 am / 2.00 pm
    Journey Time : 2 Hours
    Premium : INR 1,350
    Royal :INR 1,550
    Book Ferry

    Havelock to Neil
    Departure Time: 10.00 am
    Journey Time : 1 Hour
    Premium : INR 1,350  
    Royal :INR 1,550
    Book Ferry

    Neil to Port Blair
    Departure Time: 12.00 pm
    Journey Time : 1 1/2  Hours
    Premium: INR 1,350
    Royal: INR 1,550
    Book Ferry

    We've got you covered with the best ferry tickets booking to Andaman Islands

    Whether you’re looking for a Makruzz, Nautika or Green Ocean We are your one-stop shop for all the ferries in Andaman. We have all the options right at your fingertip with our simple interface, booking the ferry tickets has never been easier. 

    We offer Private Ferry & Govt. Ferry ticket boking services to all the islands of Andaman with major routes covering: Port Blair to Havelock, Havelock to Neil, Neil to Port Blair& Havelock to Port Blair

    You can book your ferry ticket for Port Blair , Havelock & Neil with us at any time of day or night—our Support team is here  24/7! 

    So if you need help with anything at all just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to assist you with anything from making a reservation to canceling one if needed.

    We provide all kinds of information about the ferries in Andaman such as number of cabin berths, amenities, facilities and activities provided on board along with the price list.

    Why Andaman Ferry Tickets to be booked with Dekho Andaman?

    Cruise rides through Andaman islands are an experience in itself. With crystal clear waters, picturesque backdrops and fabulous sunsets – it’s a perfect way to spend time away from your daily routine! Plan your trip now by booking ferry tickets from us!

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    Booking Policy for Andaman Ferry tickets booking:

    • After you confirm your cruise, you will need to pay Rs200 per ticket.
    • Your tickets will be generated within an hour and send to you via WhatsApp and email.
    • The balance to be paid within 24 hours after receiving the tickets

    Cancellation Policy for Andaman Ferry tickets booking:

    • If you are not making the payment within a span of 1 day after getting the tickets then we will be cancelling your sent tickets until unless you ask us for some extra time.
    • If we cancel the tickets due to nonpayment o remaining amount there won’t be any refund as the amount will be charged by the respective Cruise Company
    • Cancelling the tickets 48 hours before the departure – Rs250 will be charged
    • Cancelling the tickets 24 to 48 hours before the departure – 50 % of total amount will be charged
    • Cancelling the tickets 24 hours before the departure – Full charge and there will be no refund


    When you book through Dekho Andaman, you’ll get our personal touch. We’ll reach out to you by email and chat when you need to ask questions about your trip or make any changes which no Cruise or Travel operator does. Our customer service representatives are ready to help get you started, track your trip details and solve any problems that may arise during your trip.

    You will have to make payment of Rs200 to us for booking the tickets and remaining can be done later after receiving the ferry tickets. Please note that if you fail to pay the remaining amount within 24 hours, we will cancel your booking.


    Once we have sent you your tickets, you will have 24 hours to pay the remaining amount. Within this time period, if you discover incorrect spelling or other mistakes on your tickets, you can contact us for a change request. Even if you miss out on this opportunity, you can reach out to us anytime, but please do so at least 1 day before your departure date.

    If you are cancelling your ferry tickets here are the refund policy :

        1. Before 48 hours – Rs200 will be deducted
        2. In between 24 – 48 hours – 50% of the cruise price will be deducted
        3. In between 0 – 24 hours – no refund

    The refund policy remains the same for every Cruise

    AASHI, Makruzz, Nautika, and ITT are the major ferry companies serving the Andaman Islands. In all of these we can say Makruzz and Nautika are both newly built. The facilities inside these cruises are very good comparatively to AASHI or ITT. In terms of speed Nautika is the fastest and the customer support is class apart from any other Cruise Company. So one can prefer Nautika or Makruzz for their journey to Havelock islands & Neil Island.

    The journey from Port Blair to Havelock Island takes 1.5 hours to 2 hours, but different cruises travel at different speeds. The Nautika will reach Havelock in 1 hour 30 minutes, the Makruzz will take 1 hour 45 minutes and the ITT will arrive in 1 hour 45 minutes. The AASHI will take 2 hours to reach Havelock.

    This sector is served by government-run ferries for which we can get the tickets from Directorate of Shipping service counter. However, the luxury cruise ship Makruzz previously sailed here from Port Blair during the tourist season.

    Ferry Timings In Andaman Islands

    Port Blair to Havelock Ferry Timings

    Luxurious Cruise to
    Havelock Island from Port Blair

    Cruise NameTiming
    Makruzz07.00 am, 8.00 am, 11.30 am & 2.00 pm
    Nautika07.30 am & 11.30 am
    AASHI6.30 am
    ITT Majestic7.00 am & 01.45 pm

    Havelock to Neil Ferry Timings

    Luxurious Cruise to
    Neil Island from Havelock Island

    Cruise NameTiming

    10.00 am & 01.45 am


    9.00 am

    AASHI9.30 am
    ITT Majestic10.30 am

    Neil to Port Blair Ferry Timings

    Luxurious Cruise to
    Port Blair from Neil Island

    Cruise NameTiming
    Makruzz11.30 am
    Nautika10.15 am
    AASHI11.00 am
    ITT Majestic11.45 am


    Pricing of Ferries in Andaman (Makruzz, Nautika, ITT Majestic and AASHI)

    Compare the price and then select the Ferry of your choice


    Rs.1584  –  Premium
    Rs.2174  –  Deluxe
    Rs.3118 –  Royal
    Rs.1348 –  Premium
    Rs.1571  –  Deluxe
    Rs2528 –   Royal
    Rs.1466 –  Premium
    Rs.1879  –  Deluxe
    Rs.2882 –  Royal



    Rs.1499  –  Luxury
    Rs.1698  –  Royal


    Rs.1300  –  Luxury
    Rs.1499  –  Royal 


    Rs.1399  –  Luxury
    Rs.1599  –  Royal


    Rs.1350  –  Standard
    Rs.1650  –  Premium


    Rs.1200  –  Standard
    Rs.1450  –  Premium

    Rs.1280  –  Standard
    Rs.1550  –  Premium

    ITT Majestic

    Rs.1500  –  Silver
    Rs.1820-  Majesty


    Rs.1348  –  Silver
    Rs.1584  –  Majesty
    Rs.1466-  Silver
    Rs.1700-  Majesty

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    Havelock To Port Blair Ferry Time
    Havelock To Port Blair Ferry Time
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    Havelock Island to Port Blair is one of the most active ferry routes in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Now you can get good discounts on every cruise ticket sailings from Port Blair to Havelock Island. If you book your cruise tickets through our website, we’ll support you with any queries or issues.

    Hire a cab in Port Blair or Havelock island and enjoy the best pricing in Ferries.  Find the cab services in Andaman Islands with our Cab booking section. Now you can travel to any place of interest in Port Blair or Havelock Island without need to worry on finding qualified drivers.

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