Places To Visit In Neil Island

Take a visit to Neil Island and immerse yourself firsthand in the crystal clear waters of its shore and the serene atmosphere for which it is known. Undoubtedly, the most celebrated island in the Andaman archipelago. Neil Island is one of those places that every tourists hopes to witness once in their lifetime—and once you see it, you are forever enamored. So, Dekho Andaman invites you to experience this once in a lifetime trip to Best Places in Neil Island.

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List of Must See Places in Neil Island

Laxmanpur Beach the white sand beach of Neil Island
Laxmanpur Beach

This beach is to be found in any Neil Island itinerary in the evening as it is a must visit for sunset. Falls in the south side of Neil, its white sandy beaches, with dense green forests gives Laxmnapur’s beach its signature look

Jolly buoy island Ferry
Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur beach gives your day; a good swim or admiring corals at Neil Island. If you're into watersports, the best time is from 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Enjoy shopping at beachside stores and leisurely walks along the coast.

Sitapur Beach at Sunrise is the most popular spot of Neil Island ,
Sitapur Beach

A beautiful beach to the north of Neil, with brown sand and unbelievable sunrise. Limited facilities are available, but the beach is staying intact with nature . Sitapur Beach can be accessed via a jetty or ferry from Port Blair to Neil Island, located 65 km away.

A view of Natural Bridge of Neil Island from Top
Natural Bridge

One of Neil Island's most frequented and a beloved attraction is the Howrah Bridge. Its uniqueness lies in the naturally formed rock structure, sculpted over time by the relentless pounding of waves. Traversing the wet, rocky path strewn with dead corals makes this place an exciting and at the same time adventurous place for travellers to explore.

Other Things Not be Missed In Neil As A Tourist

Sunrise Activity:

If you’re looking for something truly bucket list-worthy, Sitapur beach and Lakshmanpur are two beaches worth epitomizing their vacation.

Cave near to Natural Bridge:

It is known as Bridge No. 2, is a 15 minute walk from the OG natural bridge. A photographer’s paradise and ideal for picnics with loved ones.

Scuba Diving at coral reef near Bharatpur Beach:

Bharatpur beach is great for scuba with coral reef teeming with tropical marine life. A usual dive is around 30 minutes long that takes place 1.5km faraway from the shore of Bharatpur.

Sunsets at Laxmanpur beach:

Whether you’re an early riser or a sunset enthusiast, take the opportunity to witness the magic of Lakshmanpur whenever it calls you. As the golden rays fall on you, experience a new aura of tranquility.

Exploring Corals with Glass bottom boat:

Neil Island offers a standout attraction: the Glass Bottom Boat Ride. Perfect for those who prefer not to snorkel or scuba dive, this activity adheres to strict safety standards and caters to all age groups.

Beach side lunch at cafes:

Savour the radiant flavours of exceptional cuisines in Neil Island. Halo-ed by marina sunsets, palm trees and sea breezes, there are outdoor cafes which provide a sophisticated spot to unwind with delicious drinks and signature seafood dishes, crafted by an exceptional Andamanese culinary team.

Forest trek near Bharatpur beach:

Begin your journey with a trek near Bharatpur Beach, the pleasant, occasionally rainy climate betters the trekking experience. Ideal for nature lovers. The trail offers opportunities for bird watching and observing diverse flora and fauna.

Why Neil island is a must visit place?

A girl sitting at the shore of Natural bridge which is one of the best place to visit in Neil Island

A small town with unspoiled nature. Neil Island effortlessly blends relaxation and sophistication with its palm-fringed white sand beaches and nature-sustained beach resorts. The breathtaking sunsets and sunrises makes it one of the best towns to visit in Andaman and Nicobar.

The waters here are undoubtedly the bluest any visitors will see in the southern region of Andaman Island. Beautiful Beach resorts, scuba diving spots, shacks by the shores, the green forests makes this place a must visit in Andaman

Neil caters all of its visitors – Couples can enjoy an idyllic setting seeking a romantic getaway, families and groups can enjoy beachfront dining to the sounds of the ocean and explore the best water activities here.

 Neil Island is a great base to explore the natural attractions of The Andaman’s.

Important Information on Places to Visit Neil Island

Name of the

Distance from Neil

Famous For

When to visit

Bharatpur beach

500 m 

Snorkeling, Glass bottom boat
ride, jet skiing, photography

10 AM – 5 PM

Laxmanpur beach

2.5 km 

Sunset point, beach 2, natural
bridge trek, photography

10 AM – 5 PM

Natural Bridge
(Howrah Bridge)

2.5 km 

Beachcombing, photography,
jungle trek, explore flora fauna

10 Am – 5 pm

Sitapur beach

5.9 km 

Sunrise-sunset point, glass bottom
boat ride, sunbathing, coral exploration

8 am – 5 Pm

14 Best Attractions In Neil Island: Things to Do

As a tourist visiting Neil Island, you would plan to do many things as this island has unique and various things to offer.

With the below information, you can craft an amazing 1-2 days Neil Island itinerary. Since it is a very small island, making a tour plan and visiting places is not that difficult

1. Natural Bridge

 One of Neil Island’s most frequented and a beloved attraction is the Howrah Bridge. Originally named Rabindra Sethu by the early Bengali settlers nearby, it later came to be known as the Howrah Bridge. Once beheld, this natural marvel leaves an indelible impression to every tourist visiting.

Jolly buoy island Ferry

Why to visit?: Its uniqueness lies in the naturally formed rock structure, sculpted over time by the relentless pounding of waves. Witnessing sea cucumbers and other small creatures nestled within shallow pools, alongside the striking turquoise lagoon and limestone formations, surpasses even the most vivid images. Be sure to visit and marvel at nature’s intricate wonders.

How to reach?: Travellers can get to the Natural Bridge on Neil Island by boarding a ferry from Port Blair to Neil Island (approx 39 km) and then using local transportation or walking to reach the site. This destination is particularly popular during low tide, when the rock formation becomes easily accessible and highly visible.

Speciality: Exceptional arch of natural bridge, walking at the seashore, see live sea cucumbers, sea urchins, small coloured fishes, crabs, starfishes, etc, sunset.

Entry: Note that you do not require any entry fees.

2. Laxmanpur

Named after the legendary figure Laxman from the Indian epic Ramayana, the beach sets a high bar for traveleers and is a leading tourist spot in Neil, making an inevitable love story even before touchdown. Visitors can witness a wonderful sunset here standing by the cleanest white sands beach. The end of the beach forms a kind of pointed triangle , sitting at the backdrop of an evergreen forest, making Laxanur beach a heavenly experience. It’s also called as Laxmanpur Beach no.1 due to its close proximity with Natural bridge.

Jolly buoy island Ferry

Why to visit?: It has an extensive stretch of white sand which offers a captivating sight. This beach boasts lush mangroves and is a prime spot for witnessing breathtaking sunsets and is perfect for romantic or tranquil evenings. For adventure-seekers, Stargazing at nights is a must -do activity. Swimming and any kind of water sports are restricted here at the beach

How to reach?: Take a ferry from Port Blair to Neil Island, around 1.5 to 2 hours. Once there, head to Laxmanpur Beach on the west coast by grabbing an auto-rickshaw or taxi from the jetty, or enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride to the beach from the jetty.

Speciality: Slipper’s free walks on the beach, eco-friendly huts for you to enjoy local delicacies, offbeat places for you to explore inside the forest trail, relaxation and chilling with loved ones, and majestic sunset views.

Entry: No fees are charged.

3. Sitapur

Sitapur is another gem of the Andaman Islands, renowned as the “Sunrise Beach.” The beach is situated at the island’s tip, approximately 5km from the market, Beach No. 5. Due to its location, it experiences higher tides and stronger currents, making it unsuitable for swimming. You can find solace here with beautiful beaches and greenery in abundance. Its water proves to be an ideal setting for Yoga lovers . Apart from that you can find a number of shiny rocks at the back making this a world class experience like Seychelles . Limited facilities are available, with only coconut trees for shade, hence it’s advisable to bring your own food.

Jolly buoy island Ferry

Why to visit?: Its unparalleled beauty remains unmatched. It warmly welcomes guests while preserving its untouched, natural surroundings. It effortlessly combines a tropical, cosy, unpretentious, and elegant atmosphere. It offers the best sunrise of Andaman Islands due to its perfect geographical location

How to reach?: Sitapur Beach can be accessed via a jetty or ferry from Port Blair to Neil Island, located 65 km away.

Speciality:  Its speciality is witnessing its popular sunrise views. The marine park has extensive coral reefs, seagrass meadows, and diverse marine life, making it ideal for nature enthusiasts. Snorkelers can explore vibrant coral gardens, while morning visitors can enjoy scenic walks and stunning sunrise photos. Other than that, its to be noted, water sport activities and swimming are not available here due to strong current but still making it a top destination for tourists

Entry: You do not require any entry fees to visit this beach.

4. Neil Jetty

Neil jetty serves as the sole entry point to Neil Island. It is the smallest and the longest jetties in Andaman. Private and government ferries regularly dock here, marking the arrival and departure of ferries. Although the place is not fancy, it offers a serene and tranquil transit experience.

Jolly buoy island Ferry

Why to visit?:  The place is surrounded with stunning hues of turquoise and blue, creating a picturesque phenomenon. Undoubtedly, it serves as a heavenly retreat, giving you a break from the monotony of urban life

How to reach?: Neil Island is located 37 km from Port Blair by sea. Private ferries like Makruzz and Green Ocean are the top choice for speed, convenience, and comfort. Government ferries are slower and offer fewer amenities but are a secondary option. It’s best to book ferry services in advance.

Speciality: ferry point, photography, and tranquil experience.

Entry: No entry fees are required other than the ferry charges

Ferry tickets to Havelock island and Neil Island

BOOK Your ferry to Neil Island with Dekho Andaman ferry booking platform. Find all the types of ferries and cruise

5. Ramanagar beach

Ramnagar Beach, it is an unexplored place with a confluence of land and sea. Stretching along its long, scalloped beach, you’ll find a flurry of resorts over this beach. Travellers will find this beach filled with dead corals and rocks. Surrounding the area is a lush tropical forest, offering trails for exploration a vibrant view. Few trekking points also start from this beach but it requires a proper guide.

Jolly buoy island Ferry

Why to visit?:  It’s an ideal spot to relax, chill out, enjoy a picnic, or read your favourite book amidst tranquillity. Dive into the pristine waters for a swim or snorkelling adventure amidst the captivating coral reefs. Witness the nesting grounds of Olive Ridley turtles, sunbathe in the sun, and marvel at the surreal natural wonders.

How to reach?:  This beach is between the market and Sitapur beach. From the jetty, it is 2 kms away. Although there is no main road heading to this beach, you can find many small path from the main road heading towards this beach

Speciality: Solitude, relaxation, photography, walks on the shoreline, swimming, self snorkelling, sunbathing and enjoying nature.

Entry: No entry fees are required.

6. Bharatpur beach

For tourists seeking bright sun, soft sand, and swimming, Bharatpur Beach on Neil Island is a perfect spot to be, It is just 500 metres away from the Neil jetty. It offers Jet Ski, Banana and Speed Boat rides, Glass-Bottom Boat rides, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Popular with water sport and nature lovers, it’s ideal for quality time with friends, family, partners, or solo trips, and features majestic sunset views. Bharatpur beach is one of the best place in Neil Island that you can cover during the high tide

Jolly buoy island Ferry

Why to visit?: It offers a variety of water sports to choose from and an unobstructed sunset view. It’s perfect for walks and enjoying the breeze, with no need for sandals due to the absence of dead corals. Morning is the best time for water sports for optimal clarity. The beach features small restaurants and local eateries, with available parking and changing rooms. It truly is the heart of Neil Island.

How to reach?: Ferry services run from Havelock to Neil Island. As soon as you arrive, you can easily walk to Bharatpur Beach, as it is just a short distance from the jetty and the route is easy too. Alternatively, you can reach the beach by road once you arrive on Neil Island.

Speciality: Plethora of water sport activities, majestic sunset views, extensive shoreline offering walking and relaxation and amazing food options.

Entry fees: No entry fees are required.

7. Neil Market

Neil Island has a little market with small shops selling a convenient range of daily necessities like stationery, basic medicines, clothes, and groceries. The market gets busier in the evenings. It’s a nice place to see Neil’s culture.

Jolly buoy island Ferry

Why to visit?: You can get a display of fresh fruits, vegetables, local honey, seafood, seashell jewellery, wooden handicrafts, beachwear, etc. The most famous thing that you can get from Neil island are the homemade Rosgullas.

How to reach?: Neil Island is located 37 km from Port Blair by sea. Private or government ferries are available. From the jetty, the Neil market is just walkable by. If you are staying in resorts near to Ditaur ot Laxmnapur, you will cross Neil market on the way or while returning back to jetty.

Speciality: Authentic local items from the market.

Entry: No entry fees.

Neil island is a place full of beach shacks by the blue sea. There are many types of restaurants and cuisines that tourists would definitely want to try when visiting the Neil Island. So here are some of the best attractions and places for food in Neil Island

8. Avisa Cafe: The Hippy Vibes

This café receives high ratings and welcomes pets, making it a great spot for laid-back evenings. Offering seafood and healthy choices, you can dine outdoors and savour the sunset and refreshing breeze. From jumbo prawns to kalapathar-machh, pork to pizza, and cocktails to crave, this multi-cuisine restaurant offers a symphony of flavours. From friends’ parties , meetings to couple dinners, it has everything for everyone who visits. Mark this cafe as a must visit in your Nel island itinerary. This cafe has been highly appreciated by instagram influencers due to its service, hippy vibe and tasty foods

Jolly buoy island Ferry

Why to visit?: Perfect spot  for trying various cuisines with an aesthetic seating arrangement and drinks have an array of options. It promises a complete culinary journey, catering to all your senses and the best hospitality.

How to reach?: Located conveniently in Ramnagar, Avisa café is easily accessible by foot or two-wheeler, ensuring a hassle-free journey.

Speciality: fresh seafood, local cuisine, continental dishes, and even vegetarian options.

9. Dinner at Sea Shells

Nestled amidst lush greenery, our hotel offers a tranquil retreat surrounded by mangroves and corals, providing stunning views for relaxation and stargazing. With a serene ambience and cool breezes, you can unwind in nature’s embrace. Indulge in delicious Indian meals at our restaurant and rejuvenate with our spa services.

Jolly buoy island Ferry

Why to visit?: The menu, a culinary odyssey, mirrors the lively spirit of Neil Island. If you’re craving not just a meal but an unforgettable rendezvous with taste, Sea Shells is your go-to spot!

How to reach? It is only 8 kms from Neil jetty and Bharatpur beach. Opt for a 2-wheeler or take a walk till here.

Speciality: Vegetarian, Non vegetarian and Vegan delicacies available.

10. Vibes and dives (Naturally Made)

Located just by the road side, Vibes and Dives is one of the few restaurants/ cafes at Sitapur beach. The entry has a well cemented path connected from the main road, directly leading to the main section of the restaurants. From the moment you walk in, the atmosphere feels inviting, with warm lighting and tasteful decor.You will see tent-like structures all around the cafe giving a unique island vibe. And the best part of this cafe is that it is run by a group of instructors and divers, who are super friendly and ever present in the restaurant themselves.. The restaurant is all made up from the natural materials available on the island making it an environmentally friendly one.

Jolly buoy island Ferry

Why to visit?: A very  calm and serene ambience. Delicious continental food and coffee. What sets Vibes and Dives apart is not just the delicious food and lively ambiance, but also the personal touch from the owner. Their recommendations for off-the-map spots to explore in Neil added an extra layer of adventure to our trip, making it truly unforgettable.

How to reach?: The cafe is just a minute’s walk from Sitapur beach

Speciality: Scotch Eggs, Fried Rice, BBQ Chicken, Butter Garlic Prawns

11. Breakwater resort restaurant: A Local Mastery Kitchen

The value for money at this establishment is evident in its top-notch services, ambiance, and culinary offerings. With amiable staff, a serene atmosphere, and authentic Indian cuisine made from fresh ingredients, every aspect of your stay aligns perfectly with its price point. Cheap and best. This restaurant is a part of Breakwater beach resort run by the locals. Enjoy the tranquillity of the neighbourhood, relish sunset views from the beach,at this old school restaurant made up of chatais and wooden sheet.

Jolly buoy island Ferry

Why to visit?: It offers you a Great view, Quiet, bring your own booze, and value for money site. The meals are freshly prepared all the time and with a homely touch. It’s a cute little place in the heart of Neil island. The place is so clean and well maintained. It’s a budget friendly place.

How to reach? It is located 2 kms away from Neil jetty.

Speciality: Mackerel fish, king fish, bread omelette, continental, authentic indian food, everything is available.

12. Shakahari : The VegetrainianParadise

It is a vegetarian restaurant, where every dish reminds of home-cooked goodness.It offers delicious flavours that grace their menu. As an added convenience, enjoy complimentary pick-up and drop-off services, ensuring a hassle-free dining experience.

Jolly buoy island Ferry

Why to visit?: Whether you’re craving comfort food or exploring new vegetarian delights, the restaurant offers a diverse array of options to tantalise your taste buds. Do visit for a memorable culinary journey that won’t break the bank.

How to reach?: It is near Bharatpur. You can board a 2-wheeler or walk.

Speciality: Vegetarian food.

13. Yatri Dhaba: The Best Beach Side Shack

It is a good place to have lunch with a sea view. The best part of this restaurant is the view. You can face the beach directly. Very easily both the coolest and warmest spot on the island, surrounded by swimming and stargazing spots. The place is always buzzing with activity, music, and people. It’s a must visit.

Jolly buoy island Ferry

Why to visit? It offers Amazing food, great service and stunningly beautiful beach view. Definitely a must go if visiting Bharatpur beach!

How to reach?: Nearby Bharatpur beach. From there, take a 2-wheeler, cycle or take a stroll.

Speciality: Laccha paratha and fish curry is a must try. The phulkas are especially good. Feels like home cooked meals with mild spices.

14. Dugong: The Most Luxurious

If you’re a non-vegetarian or a vegetarian, this restaurant is a must-visit, nestled within the Sea Shell Neil Island resort. Surrounded by lush greenery and tall Mohwa and Coconut trees typical of the Neil Islands, the setting is simply stunning and also accessible to a pvt. beach. The staff is attentive and quick as it is a restaurant of the best resort of the island. This is the one of the few high end restaurants in Neil island, where you will find everything to be top class and well checked.. Don’t miss out on this gem for a delightful dining experience!

Jolly buoy island Ferry

Why to visit?: Delicious meals with live music in Korean, Hindi and English. The chef and all the staff offer a world class experience in every food they prepare. The food is great and the overall table decor has a touch of elegance.

How to reach?: From Laxmanpur to Dugong , you can take a 2-wheeler or bicycle or opt for walking.  If you are in tour package , you can might give you a drop here for lunch

Speciality: Indian breads, Fish Tikka, chicken items, Paneer Butter Masala, and ghee rice are some of the great options to dig out for! An overall good food experience

Neil Island Gallery

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Using Taxi and Cab Service in Neil Island for Visiting Places

Neil Island, a calm and beautiful place in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, has many things to see. To get around comfortably, you can hire a cab from local operators because popular cab services like Ola and Uber are not available here. The taxi services on Neil Island start at Rs. 300, which is a convenient and affordable option for visitors to enjoy their trip.

Exploring places in Neil Island by bicycle or two-wheeler is another great option due to its small size. With the island being just few km in area, everything can easily be done in 2 days. Moreover, it’s a relaxing destination rather than a sightseeing island.

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Resorts In Neil Island

The best options you can find are located near to the city which is in 5 km radius. Booking can easily be done from many hotel booking online platforms. We Dekho Andaman also offer some of the best hotels to stay in our packages. Check out our tour packages to Andaman Island for Couple  & Family

The resorts that you must have a stay in Neil includes:

  • Sea Shells Samasarra @9, 000
  • Pearl Park Beach Resort @ 4, 500
  • Aquays Beach Resort @ 5, 500
  • Symphony Summer Sands @6, 000

Note: The rates are fluctuative.

Best Time to Visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands

When scheduling a vacation to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, it is advisable to plan your visit between September and May in order to steer clear of the rainy season. The period from November to February marks the peak of tourist influx due to the delightful weather conditions.

However, even the months of March through May offer a gratifying experience, despite being slightly more humid, with the added advantage of fewer crowds. Therefore, whether it’s the cool, dry season or the somewhat warmer months, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands promise a delightful retreat all year round.

Places In Andaman Nicobar To Visit

Andaman & Nicobar Islands has many other places that should be there in your list.. For making your travel choices easier also check our recently updated Travelers guide:

  • 15+ Best Tourists Places of Havelock Island
    25 KM from the Port Blair City, located to the north east. Havelock Island can easily be reached in ferries.

FAQ on Neil Island

The best way to reach this beautiful islands is via flight. You can easily book flight to Andaman from EaseMy Trip or any other flight booking platform online including MMT, Cleartrip etc. You can also take assistance from local tour operators for booking the travel tickets

When it comes to visiting all the places in Andaman and Nicobar,the ideal time to visit is from October to January when the weather is dry and pleasant, with temperatures between 22°C to 30°C. Few unexpected days of rainfalls are common though

For water sports enthusiasts, February to April is a great time to plan your visit as there is no rainfall and the sea is calm. The summer months from April to June are also a good time, but remember to pack light clothing and sunscreen due to the hot and humid weather.

 Although the monsoon season from July to September is not recommended for travel due to heavy rainfall and rough seas, some visitors may enjoy the romantic charm of Andaman during this period. So, plan your trip wisely to make the most out of your Andaman vacation.

In total, there are 572 islands. However, there are only about 15–16 islands that visitors to the Andaman Islands can visit. A lot of islands still remain uninhabited and unspoiled and are under extreme protection of govt.

The Andaman Islands is a beach land. Naturally, there are a ton of other activities that tourists would enjoy doing, such as visiting Port Blair’s historical museums, exploring the coral formations near the shore, engaging in thrilling water sports, seeing the unspoiled villages of the North Andaman Islands, staying at luxurious resorts, and much more.

Andaman Top 5 destinations for tourists includes :

  1. Havelock Island 
  2. Neil Island
  3. Cellular Jail
  4. Ross Island
  5. Jolly Buoy Island

Also if you have some extra time and days, then don’t miss out on Baratang island. Limestone Cave, Samudrika Musuem, Anthroplogical Musuem, Ross and Smith Island etc

Explore All Water Sports in Andaman

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