6 NIGHTS 7 DAYS Andaman Adventure with Water Sports

6 NIGHTS 7 DAYS Andaman Adventure with Water Sports




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6 nights and 7 Days Adventure Tour of Andaman covering first night in Port Blair , 2nd and 3rd night in Neil island, 4th to be spent in Havelock and again return back to Port Blair for last 2 nights


How Adventure Trip different from Honeymoon or Family Tour?

An Adventure Tour of Andaman is completely different from an usual tour. Dekho Andaman Adventure tour focuses purely on Water Sports and activities where other tours are more of a relaxing and family time kind of thing.

We have been organizing this kind of tour since 2019, where travelers would enjoy outside of their bed learning and performing various sports. We have done many group tours from Mumbai, Bengaluru and many other cities of India

It's not only about water sports but also about getting closer to nature and having fun with your friends and family.


Water Activities We Will Involve In :

Sea Karting in Corbyn's Beach

Sea Kart are a small hovercrafts with powerful engines that can excel up to a speed of 60 nautical miles per hour. This is one of the most unique activity you will be performing. The thrill and excitement of Sea Karting is way beyond those speed boat rides. You will almost feel like flying on the water. Yes ! You will also get a chance to drive this beast for ew minutes. The Sea Kart drive will be for 30 minutes starting from Corbyns Beach , going 3 - 4 miles into the wild ocean and returning back.

Jet Ski in Neil Island

This is one of the easiest ride of our tour. It just wants you to sit on the jet scooter , That's it! You just have to sit and hold on to the handle of the machine to enjoy the ride. Its one of the most preferred activity among al the travelers. This ride will last for 7 minutes . We will be doing this activity at Bharatpur Beach

Banana Ride in Neil Island

You just have to sit on the banana boat, hold on to a rope/ handle and enjoy the ride in the sea  until the boat master of Jet Ski or speed boat tries a drift and you are in the water. This just a fun activity you will be enjoying inNeil island waters. The banana boat will have 4 people on it. After you made to fall in the water , the crew member of the boat will guide you back to the banana boat and you will brought back to shore. You will be floating on the sea with a Life Jacket

Glass Bottom Ride in Neil Island

Glass Bottom ride is a simple way to enjoy the coral reef in bluest of water at Neil Island . You will accompanied by 9 other people plus 2 boat crews on a 10 + 2 glass bottom boat . The ride will last for 20 minutes. Its starting and departure point will be Bharatpur Beach. Though there are various other places where you can do this ride, but the turquoise blue waters of Neil island makes Glass Bottom ride the perfect activity to be preferred here.

Shore Scuba Diving in Havelock island

There is no other activity come closer to Scuba Diving if you are looking for a adventure experience. Witness the unexplored marine world of Havelock island with the help of  Scuba Diver. The underwater session will last for 30 minutes. The coral reef can be found all around Havelock and Nemo beach is one of the favored spot because of long stretches of reef . The starting point will be the Dive Centre and departing point will be the Nemo Beach  and then again returning back to the Dive Centre


Sea Walk in North Bay

Sea Walk is a smaller version of diving but it involves walking at the sea bed . The breathing process here is very easy because you will be made to breath via a big helmet that's fits easily on your upper part of the body. The depth will not be more than 5 m and its done from a pantoon. We will reach pantoon in a speed boat. The underwater time will last for 30 minutes guided by a diver.

Snorkeling in Elephanta Beach

Snorkeling is a great way to experience the underwater world of Havelock island without having to dive. The snorkel tube is basically a breathing tube that allows you to breathe while submerged in the water. Guided by a Snorkeling master you will explore the waters on a Lifebuoy wearing the snorkeling kits for around 20 minutes. The activity will be done at Elephanta beach.

Parasailing in Port  Blair

Parasailing in Andaman is something which is not related to water and its all about flying . In this activity you will be made to tie up with a Parachute which will be attached to speed boat. The air time will last for 7 - 10 minutes . This activity will take place in he middle of the ocean where there are no boats and the sea completely empty making your exepericne more fabulous. You will be accompanied by 10 more passengers on the boat

Night Kayaking in Port  Blair

Night Kayaking is a very different activity which will give you a memory of a lifetime. The dark night glowing by the blue waters is something extraordinary to see that too in the mangroves . You will be accompanied by Kayak instructor and also some millions of stars will join you on this expedition. The activity will last for an hour until you get back to the starting point which will be Veer Savarakar Park Jetty




Night 1- Port Blair (Jail + Corbyns Beach)

Sea Kart /Night Kayaking / Cab 

Night 2- Neil (Neil + Bharatpur Beach + Laxmanpur Beach)

Cruise Transfer / Jet Ski / Banana Ride / Cab 

Night 3- Neil (Natural Bridge + Bharatapur Beach )

Scuba Diving /Glass Bottom Boat /  Cab

Night 4- Havelock (Havelock + Radhanagar Beach)

Cruise Transfer /  Cab

Night 5- Port Blair (Kalapatthar Beach +Elephanta Beach)

Snorkeling /  Boat Transfer / Cruise Transfer/ Cab

Night 6- Port Blair (Ross Island + North bay + Cellular Jail)

Sea Walk / Parasailing / Boat Transfer / Cab 

Day 7- Departure




The travelling date:  2022

Minimum no. of person: 1 Adult

Meal Plan: CP Plan (breakfast included)

Private Vehicle - : Ertiga

Note: Additional vehicle will be provided for carrying luggage to hotels/resorts from Airport and as well as Jetty


Ferry for transfers

Port Blair to Neil in Govt. Ferry

Neil to Havelock Island in Govt. Ferry

Havelock to Port Blair in Nautika



  • All travelers will have to complete training before performing activities
  • The travelers are requested to fetch correct information about their health before booking the trip
  • The 7 Days Adventure trip involves a lot of Water Activities , it might drain your stamina and you must eat good food after finishing any of your activity to keep your energy level on
  • Heart Patients wont be allowed to take this tour
  • High Blood Pressure patients wont be allowed to take this tour
  • Travelers with sinus wont be allowed as you might feel difficulties while breathing underwater
  • You must Listen to your instructors carefully
  • Since this can be a group tour you will meet a lot of strangers too
  • Since we are doing most of our activities in Neil, your phone will be out of Network for more hours




Sea View Residency / Salt Life  (Port Blair)
Premium- 1 night

Tango Beach Resort (Neil)
Standard- 2 nights

Blue Waves Beach Resort(Havelock)
Studio - 1 night

Grand Paradise (Port Blair)
Deluxe - 2 night

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Why Travel with Dekho Andaman

Tour Plan

DAY 1 Port Blair

  • Pickup from Airport Drop to Hotel
  • Take you for Corbyns Beach at 2.30 pm to explore some water activities and enjoy the beach snacks. It will be a marine drive from your Jail till the beach
  • Sea Kart will be pre booked and you will be trained before performing this activity which is only present only in 3 countries of the world
  • Complete the activity which is half an hour experience and return back to beach guided by the staffs of Sea Kart Adventure & our representative almost by 4.00 pm
  • Then you can relax for a in the beach enjoying the sea and the sound if waves
  • We will start at 7. 00 pm and take you to Veer Savarkar Park locaetd in Chouldari (15 km from Port Blair) for Night Kayaking
  • You will be guided with an Kayaking instructor and get to roll the kayaking for 40 minutes witnessing the Bioluminescence
  • Return back and we start back to hotel resort by 9.00 pm

DAY 2 Neil

  • Checkout in the morning before breakfast for Ferry to Neil island
  • Drop to Port Marine dockyard at 05.30 am
  • Ferry to Neil at 06.30 am, reach by 08.30 am
  • Greet you & drop you to the resort
  • Head to Bharatpur Beach which will be 5 mins from the Resort
  • Here we will take you to the counter of water activity where you will be asked to fill the form for Jet Ski & Banana Ride
  • First we will make board the Jet ski (2 seater water scooter) and you will have an enchanting and at the same time thrilling experience of this supercool machine for 10 minutes
  • Jet ski will ply at a speed of 40 to 50 nautical miles on the surface of the sea
  • Come back to Beach relax for a while and then we hop on to the Banana boat. It will be tied up & will be pulled by a speed boat with driver
  • You will be made to wear Life Jacket
  • You got to hold the handle present on the body of the BANANA BOAT and after a going a little far away from the beach into the sea , your boat will be toppled by the rope attached to the speed boat making you fall into the water. The crew will come and guide you back to your banana boat
  • Return back to the beach
  • You will finish all your activities by 2.00 pm
  • Have your lunch & head to view the sunset at white sand Laxmanpur Beach
  • back to resort by 7.00pm

DAY 3 Neil

Scuba Diving | Natural Bridge | Glass Bottom Boat 

  • Get ready for an unexplored world of Ocean , as a Scuba Diving session will be eagerly waiting for you
  • Drop to one of our tied up Dive centers near to Bharatpur beach around 7.00 am
  • The dive masters will greet you and ask you to change the clothing ,
  • You will be provided with Wetsuits & Booties and guided to the changing room.
  • Dress yourself and then the Diving Instructor will come and greet you
  • We will have a briefing session of 25 to 30 minutes. You will be taught about various underwater marine life and breathing exercise
  • The dive masters will make you wear the masks, Buoyancy Control Device and weight belts above the wetsuits
  • Our diving session will be guided by Dive Masters and it will last for 40 minutes
  • Collect your photos and driver will drop you to resort around 09.30 am
  • After breakfast and we shall keep your luggage in the reception of the hotel
  • Drop to beach No.2 for sight visit of Natural Bridge at 11.30 am
  • Reach Natural Bridge by walk around 01.00 noon
  • Return back to starting point by 02.00 pm
  • Drop you to Bharatpur beach where you can have lunch in shacks and restaurants nearby. The Bharatpur beach is located just adjacent to jetty so this is our preferred point of drop for Cruise back to Port Blair as well
  • After lunch we will perform Glass Bottom ride to witness the amazing corals of Neil island
  • Pick you up and drop to resort

DAY 4 Havelock

Cruise to Havelock Island

  • Cruise/Ferry to Havelock at 10.00 am
  • Reach Havelock Island in an hour by 11.00 am
  • Drop to resort
  • Pickup you up post lunch and drop to Radhanagar beach (certified as Asia’s No.1 Beach with Blue Flag Certification) where you can swim or spend your leisure time enjoying the sands of beach
  • View the sunset and return back to your resort by 6.30 pm

DAY 5 Port Blair

Kalapatthar Beach | Elephanta | Snorkeling | Ferry to Port Blair

  • Post breakfast after check out we head towards Kalapatthar Beach one of the calmest beach in Havelock island.
  • Enjoy the whole morning in white sand and swimming in the emerald green water
  • After breakfast reach Havelock jetty at 11.30 am
  • We make you board the Speed boat to Elephanta Beach (20 mins journey)
  • Reach Elephanta by 12.00 am and you will be given a complimentary Snorkeling session of 10 minutes.
  • Enjoy in the beach for next 2 hours
  • Return back to Havelock Jetty from Elephanta by 2.30 pm
  • Cruise to Port Blair at 04.00 pm
  • Reach Port Blair by 05.30 pm
  • Drop to hotel

DAY 6 Port Blair

  • Drop to Water Sports complex at 09.00 am a boat trip to Ross Island (famous for its British Structures) for an historical experience
  • The same boat guided with master and crew will take you to the Coral Island of North Bay at 11.00 pm
  • Here we will be performing Sea Walk
  • A small speed boat will take you to the Pantoon of Sea walk which will be just 2 minutes from the shore of the North Bay beach
  • First you will be briefed for 10 minutes and you will be made to wear an helmet attached to a pipe for supply of oxygen. You will get down by the stairs attached to the pantoon into the ocean.
  • Accompanied with the diver you will be taken to the base of ocean (4 m depth)
  • Comeback after half an hour on to the pantoon
  • Collect your photos & videos from the counter
  • Then we will take you to the counter of Parasailing and make you fill the general health form
  • The staffs of this activity will take you to their boat standing attached to the North Bay floating jetty
  • The boat will heads towards the mid of the sea where you will be knotted with a Parachute while on the boat .Before we start flying, a small training of 5 minutes shall be briefed to you by the respective staff
  • You will have an on air time of 6-10 minutes
  • Return back to North Bay beach and get your photos and videos
  • Return back to Water Sports Complex on the same speed boat by 2.30 pm
  • Visit Cellular Jail at 3.00 pm
  • Drop back to hotel by 5. 00 pm

DAY 7 Departure

  • Check out after Breakfast at 9.30 am
  • Drop to Airport


  • Accommodations as mentioned
  • Breakfast for 6 days
  • All sight-seeing programme as mention in the itinerary.
  • Resorts & airport pickup-drop in all islands
  • Snorkeling session in Elephanta (half mask)
  • Shore Scuba Diving with phots & videos
  • Glass Bottom Boat ride
  • Sea Walk with photos
  • Banana Ride
  • Jet Ski ride
  • Parasailing with photos at Port Blair
  • Night Kayaking in Port Blair
  • Sea Karting with photos
  • All entry tickets, ferry/cruise/boat tickets, permit charges, parking charges included in package.
  • All Transportation for sight-seeing tours, airport transfers, hotel, jetty transfers by including AC Vehicle at Port Blair, Havelock Island
  • Cruise (NAUTIKA/MAKRUZZ) tickets to Havelock, Neil & Cruise tickets to Port Blair
  • 24 x 7 Call Support & Guidance in every point
  • GST is included for all services
  • Vehicle in case of any emergency.
  • Flight Tickets to and from Port Blair.
  • Lunch & Dinner
  • Tips, Insurance, Laundry, Phone Calls and Camera Charges (still or movie).
  • Peak Season Surcharges of Hotels / Resorts (Applicable from 15th December to 20th January).
  • Additional Supplement Charge for Christmas Eve (24th December) and New Year’s Eve (31st December) at Hotels / Resorts.
  • Anything that is not mentioned in the Package Inclusions.
  • Any kind of personal expenses or optional tours or extra meals / beverages ordered at hotel
  • Tips, Insurance, Laundry, Phone Calls and Camera Charges (still or movie).
  • Any kind of drinks (Alcohol, Mineral, Aerated, Bed Tea) or any other snack on Tour or while waiting at airport or waiting for ferry at jetty.
  • Any Water Sports Activities / Adventurous Activity (mentioned in the Optional Water Sports / Adventurous Activity) during your stay.
  • Peak Season Surcharges of Hotels / Resorts (Applicable from 15th December to 20th January).
  • Additional Supplement Charge for Christmas Eve (24th December) and New Year’s Eve (31st December) at Hotels / Resorts.
  • Anything that is not mentioned in the Package Inclusions.

“Pay Only after arrival”
Pay a token amount and confirm your tour without getting worried about the last minute cancelations. 

“Flexible Trips”
No need to follow strict schedule on Touring days. All the activities and tours are easily flexible as per the client needs.


Booking Policy

Payment shall be made as per the payment schedule:

20% of total cost for booking or as discussed by our sales team 

80% amount to be paid after arrival or before arrival (as per the client concerns).

Though we encourage our clients to pay the maximum amount to avoid any hindrance and unwanted delays in the trip once it began

Payment can be made either online via:

  1. Credit cards issued by banks and financial institutions that are part of the Visa &Master Card .Other international cards are also acceptable
  2. Visa & Master Card Debit cards for Indian Travelers;
  3. UPI (PhonePay, Gpay, PayTm)
  4. Net banking (NEFT or IMPS)

Please check the Confirmation Policy and Cancellation policy below


Cancellation Policy

If you cancel some or all portions of your booking, cancellation fees will apply. A cancellation will only be effective when we receive written confirmation or email or Watsapp of the cancellation. If you cancel a trip:
1. Before 30 days – 50 % of the deposited amount will be refunded

  1. Between 10 days- 30 days – 25% of the deposited amount will be refunded
  2. Between 00 day- 10 days No amount will be refunded

Tour cancellation amount includes Cruise, Accommodations, Cabs, Water activities, Tour Guides & all the other charges already included in the tour at the time of booking

Confirmation Policy

After the confirmation of package via email, the customer will ask to deposit the initial amount of 20% or as discussed by our Sales team.

A confirmation voucher will be generated and send to your respective email once initial the amount is received. Confirmation voucher will be in PDF format and it will have your booking id and the amount you paid .The balance amount mentioned has to be paid as per the terms



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