Havelock Island Travel Guide

Places to Visit in Port Blair

Havelock in itself, is gob-smacking. The beauty soothes your eyes and the adventures thrill you but all in all, it’s a place which is admired truly by people from around the world and we’re sure it will mesmerise you as well. With this guide, you won’t have to miss out on visiting the best places.

The below-mentioned places will uncover all the must-visit beaches, top attractions, and famous eateries.

List of all the must-visit places on Havelock Island


Famous places

Preferred time to visit

Best known for


Radhanagar beach

Daytime for best beach experience

White sands, jungles & sunset

Kala patthar beach

Early morning

Cleanest beach and beautiful sunrise

Elephant beach via boat

9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Coral reefs and fun water sports

Vijayanagar beach

Anytime in the day will work

Private white sand beach

Govind Nagar beach

Anytime in the day will work

Beautiful rocky beach


Havelock market


Fresh fruits & local foods

Shopping Shacks of Kalapathar beach


Pearls, Havelock handicrafts, coconuts


Something different café

Evening or night

Live music & beachside shacks

Fool moon café


Beach side shack

Buddha’s Kitchen


Open Resort Pub


Forests trek to Elephant beach

9:00 Am to 2:00 pm

Adventurous trek

Lava Trek & Waterfall

Morning 9.00 am to 2.00 pm

Nature trek in jungles

Offbeat Islands of Peel, Inglis, Lawrence & Henry

Early morning hours or Sunset

Untouched & unexplored islands


Deep Sea Scuba Diving

6.00 AM to 11.00 am

Fishes, Corals, Underwater world

Kayaking in Mangroves

3.30 am to 5.30 am

Bioluminescence, Mangroves & sunrise

Best Itinerary for Havelock Island

people swimming on beach during daytime

The Havelock island island in ANdaman islands is the top most place for any traveller who is visiting Andaman for the first time. Though the island looks pretty big on the map , only a small portion is accessible and can be explored by the tourists. A 2 – 3 days trip will make every tourist enjoy Havelock island to its fullest. So here we are sharing the best itinerary that anyone can easily plan :

Day 1

Arrive at the Jetty and head to resort

Visit Radhanagar beach in the evening

Day 2 

Plan a early morning dive at Nemo Beach

Return back to resort and complete your breakfast

Reach Havelock Jetty and take a speed boat to Elephant beach

Perform other water sports like Semi Submarine, Sofa ride, Jet Ski etc

Return back to the jetty and explore the Havelock Market

Return back to the resort

Day 3:

Early morning plan a Bioluminesce or mangrove exploration tour

Return back to resort

Plan anytime of the day for Kalapathar beach

Departure day:

We can depart on Day 3 or even on Day 4 


 If we are not planning for early morning Kayaking tour then do the Kalapatthar beach tour as a sunrise point

Top 17 Places for Tourists in Havelock in detail

Though there are many islands and places in Havelock island. In this article we will discuss those which are actually accessible to tourists and visitors. Let’s start the tour of the best places in Havelock island one by one.

Radhanagar Beach

people swimming on beach during daytime
Hours to visit in: 6:00 Am to 6:00 pm

Radhanagar Beach is a picturesque destination having pristine and clear waters, soft white sands, and abundant tropical foliage making it the number 1 place to visit in Havelock island. An ideal destination for beach lovers. The water is shallow which allows you to wade comfortably without going too far from the shore.
Radhanagar Beach has consistently been adjudged as one of the top beaches in both Asia and globally, according to numerous travel publications. 


 How to reach?

  • If you’re on Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach is about 11-12 kilometres away, which takes up to 25 to 30 minutes from the Havelock Jetty. For solo travellers or smaller groups, taking two-wheelers can be a convenient choice, except during the rainy season.
  • However, if you’re in a larger group or with a family, a cab, auto-rickshaw, or bus are the best options.

If you’re planning to come from Port Blair, the best way to reach Radhanagar Beach is by taking a cruise to Havelock first.

Things to do

Wildlife spotting: It’s a hotspot for marine distinct species ideal for bird watching and other nature lover enthusiasts.
Beach games and swimming: The place provides numerous spots for tourists to enjoy various beach games and indulge in swimming. Photography: The vibrant marine life and the serene coastline makes this beach a perfect spot for photographers to capture the beauty of nature.
Enjoy a magnificent sunset dipping into the horizon with your loved ones. You can have the best beach walks of your life as well. 

How Much Time Explore?

You would need at least 4-5 hours to explore this pristine paradise entirely.

Entry fee– No entry fee is charged.

Tips- Carry Spf, a hat, an extra pair of clothing, rubber footwear, sunglasses and a mat.

Neil’s cove

people swimming on beach during daytime
Hours to visit in: 6.00 am to 4.00 pm

Neil’s cove is a 10-minute walk from Radhanagar beach. It’s not very popular among tourists but if one has time, then it is suggested that one explores this ethereal beauty. The natural scenery here is nothing short of jaw-dropping with the clearest of turquoise blue water any tourist would find. It is such a small spot that one can walk everywhere.

How to get there?
Due to its proximity to Radhanagar, travellers can choose to cycle, take an auto-rickshaw, cab, or simply walk.

Why should you visit?
Good question, if you are someone who cherishes secluded time in a secluded and untouched part of an island then this spot might be the one for you.
Besides its picturesque vistas, you can opt for snorkelling. However, one has to exercise caution before swimming as it is also a habitat for some crocodiles.

Precautions you must take into note while visiting Neil’s cove:

– Avoid going too far into the ocean since there are no lifeguards present.

– Though it’s generally safe, we do not recommend going solo for added security.

– There is no availability of washrooms at this location.

– It’s advisable for elderly individuals to avoid visiting Neil Cove.

– Be prepared for a trek-like experience as the roads lead through forest trails.

Tips- Bring along comfortable footwear and lightweight hiking gear for the forest trek.

Kalapathar beach

people swimming on beach during daytime
Hours to visit in: Best for Sunrise or else Evening

Kalapathar is one of the most notable spots to visit in Andaman. It got its name from a surrounding village called Kala patthar village. The best time to visit this place is in October to March or else you will feel roasted due to the heat. The drive-through is impeccable, showcasing the distinct colours of water and lush green vegetation. It’s a colourful, exotic, and pleasingly chaotic area, packed with market stalls along the shoreline and probably the highest concentration of rocks. Due to its location, the beach is perfect for a sunrise view making it an extraordinary experience

How to reach?
Kala patthar beach is at a distance of 60 kms from Port Blair, 6.5 kms from Havelock and 13 kms from Radhanagar beach. You can travel by scooter, bicycle, or leisurely stroll, the path to paradise promises adventure at every step.


Why is it worth exploring?
Kalapathar Beach has an ideal setting for sunrise view, photography, and serene walks in tranquillity with its less crowded atmosphere allowing couples and families to have their peaceful moments. Great spot for shopping handicrafts, souvenirs, shacks and fresh coconut water. Best for non swimmers to explore the waters.

When to visit: The most preferred time to visit Kalapathar beach is during sunrise. Though it can be visited at Day times as well. There is not much dedicated best timings required here

Entry: There is no entry fee involved to enter the Kalapatthar beach. You can visit anytime

Tips- Prepare a picnic basket stocked with local delicacies and refreshing drinks for a delightful seaside meal. Remember to bring along your camera to immortalise the distinct charm of Kalapathar’s coastal scenery.

Elephant beach

people swimming on beach during daytime
Hours to visit in: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

With white, sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and an over-the-top cultural scene, Elephant Beach is the most popular beach in the Andaman archipelago that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. It checks boxes for everything from uninterrupted beach walks, great views, and authentic local eateries to especially thrilling water sports activities. Plus, it is super family-friendly and couple-friendly.

Tourists from the entire world come here to experience the best water sport activities and the vibrant coral reefs as they are quite easily accessible just one metre below the surface. Sounds fictitious? It’s true!. 

It got its name because elephants were spotted on its shores long ago. There used to be an elephant training camp nearby, but now there are no elephants around the beach.

How to reach?
Set sail from Havelock Island either by boat or by trekking. The boat ride originates from the Havelock Island jetty, whereas the trekking route starts near Radhanagar Beach. Both routes have clear navigation and are easy to reach. While the majority of tourists opt for boat rides, adventure seekers prefer trekking to the beach.

Why is it a must-visit?
Water Sports You can indulge yourselves in activities such as Semi Submarine, Parasailing, Sofa rides, Banana rides, and a variety of thrilling water sports. Besides this, you can explore the magnificent underwater world by doing Sea Walking from a pontoon nearby. 

Exploring It is suitable for all age groups. You can also indulge in fresh seafood or grab snacks from local eateries at the beach.

Entry fees– It will cost you close to 1000 per person (ferry ride) for round trips with a snorkelling session

Tips- Rent snorkelling gear from nearby vendors or join a guided tour for a full immersion experience. Take towels and extra pairing of clothes for water sports

Nemo beach: The Diving Hub Of Havelock

people swimming on beach during daytime
Hours to visit in: 7 am to 11:30 pm

Vacationing at the Nemo beach is like having unforgettable memories filled with sun, sand, and Diving. It is a mysterious small beach but a peaceful coastal area with pristine shores, just a short drive away from Havelock Jetty. It’s located on a 50 km long island, mostly on the north side of Havelock. 

The Vijaya nagr beach is ideal for beginners in underwater activities, with few to negligible currents and clear water visibility. Nearby mangroves serve as a nursery for young marine life, though exploring the entire area may require some effort.

How to reach?
You can opt for walking as the distance is quite near from Havelock jetty. You can hire a scooter, cycle, or cab to reach in 5-10 mins as per your convenience.

Why should you visit?
Nemo beach is perfect for introductory dive experiences for first-timers. The area seems to look like a swimming pool because of its confined like shape. While the beach is open to tourists at all times, it’s best to avoid roaming at noon due to harsh heat and sunburn risks. Moreover, it is ideal for macro photographers in the morning. You can also locate resting huts with vendors offering refreshing tender coconuts, tea stalls, and fruit chat vendors.

Types of Scuba Diving that can be done here 

  1. Shore Diving
  2. Boat Diving

Entry fees: No entry fees

Tips- Take your spf’s, a waterproof camera, and light clothes for a better experience. Avoid taking jewelries and accessories or you can use Dive centres lockers

Govind nagar beach

people swimming on beach during daytime
Hours to visit in: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm 

Govind Nagar beach is yet another jewel in the Andaman’s. It is marked as the 3rd beach from the Havelock jetty. The beach offers a wide range of Resorts. The bay is protected by a coral reef teeming with marine life. Nemo beach mentioned above is a part of Govind nagar beach. 

 It has proximity to the Havelock market which allows for easy strolling access

How to reach?
By cab or by two-wheeler, navigate winding beach 3 to the north side of Havelock island, or you can take the 5-10 minute walk. 

Why should you visit?

 Mangroves and coral reefs by the shores are the important attractions here. It is a wonderful spot for photographers wanting breathtaking landscapes,underwater, flora fauna, and sunset views.Adrenaline junkies can come and opt for private swimming as well but it is advisable to be under supervision. 

Tips- Get yourself a hammock, rubber slippers, light clothes, cold drinks, mosquito repellants, sunglasses, hats, waterproof camera.

Vijayanagar beach

people swimming on beach during daytime
Hours to visit in: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

The best part about Andaman is that it has a plethora of options to choose from for every tourist’s preferences, making it an ideal destination. Vijayanagar is another hidden gem in Havelock. It is on the eastern side of Havelock Island. Thanks to its fewer tourist footfalls, this pristine spot remains unspoiled. 

The Vijayanagr beach is a hub of resorts with the beach acting as a private beach for them. The pure white sands here is something worth staying close to the beach

How to reach?
Vijayanagar is almost 9-10 kms away from the Havelock harbour. So, you can hire either cabs or bikes. 

Why visit?
Since fewer tourists visit the area, many tourists arrive just to witness the captivating evening sunrise.and it remains open at all times. You can indulge in bird watching, swimming, and to revel in the embrace of Mother Nature.

Resorts in Vijay Nagar beach:

This beach is filled with some ultra luxury resorts due to its amazing white sand beach. If you are planning a stay in Havelock island, try to have one night stay in any of the private properties of Vijaya nagar beach. Few famous resorts at the Viajaya Nagar includes the likes of Ocean Tree Beach Resort, Coral Reef Beach resort & Sandy Waves

Entry fees: No entry fee

Havelock market no. 3

people swimming on beach during daytime
Hours to visit in: 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Havelock has a lively vibe and also a small and vibrant market. It is filled with small shops & a supermarket, selling a variety of local products like fruits, jewellery, clothes, and groceries. You can also find diving gear, sea shell products and eco-friendly products, as well as some wooden, bamboo, and cane artefacts. There is a wine shop as well operated by the Andaman administration. 

Overall, it’s a great place for street photography and to experience colourful local chatter.

Many eateries and tea stalls can be seen at the roadside selling tea, coffees, street foods like egg rolls, noodles, samosas etc. The food here is much influenced by Bengali culture

Few pharmacies also operate near to the market giving continuous supply of all needed medicines to the travellers and locals

Things to buy:
Seasonal fruits like Watermelon, mangoes, and bananas. Also, you can get original honey directly from the beehive.

How to reach?
SInce it is at the heart of Havelock island, you have the option to rent bikes, go cycling, book a cab or auto, or simply walk around.

Havelock Jetty

people swimming on beach during daytime

Havelock Jetty is a must-see when in Andaman. It serves as the main harbour at Havelock Island. All ferries to and from Port Blair and other islands are connected here, making it the perfect starting point for your journey. 

Fortunately, there are ample eateries nearby in case you have to wait for ferries. Additionally, there are sheds with seating for waiting, which is very convenient, especially on hot sunny days and rainy days. Beneath the jetty, you’ll find crystal clear waters, adding to the enchanting ambiance.

How to reach?
Set sail from Port Blair Jetty by boarding a ferry to Havelock. The journey takes approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on the weather conditions and ferry conditions. You can choose from government or private ferries, both are affordable. Though, both have their own pros and cons. 

While government ferry services are cheaper and have fixed schedules, they have fewer amenities. Whereas, private ferries cost a bit more and can have an up -down in their schedules, they are more convenient. We recommend advance booking so that you don’t have to wait in long queues.

Why is it a must-visit?
Firstly, it’s essential to note that reaching Havelock Island requires passing through Havelock Jetty, as it serves as the gateway to other islands. There are many cruise and ferry options available to reach to different islands from Havelock. You can find plenty of good eateries in the vicinity, allowing you to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy a meal. 

Entry fees– Private ferry tickets range from Rs. 800 to Rs. 3000 depending upon the class travel. Government ferry tickets range from Rs. 45 to Rs. 850.

Restaurants in Havelock

Some restaurant options to explore from in Havelock:

  1. Something different– This café lives up to its name, “Something different.” It is an open beach side café which is close to Beach No. 2. It is around 50 ms away from the main road. 

There are a wide variety of cuisines, like Chinese, Indian, and Mediterranean, with options for vegans and those avoiding gluten. Alcohol is also served. Take precaution while walking the pathways towards the restaurant as it very rocky

Live music happens in the evening. The staff is friendly, and the island vibe is great. Candle light dinners can also be organised on the beach. Though you might find it crowded mostly due to its popularity and best beach vibe. 

As a hospitality gesture, the restaurant also provides free cab services to its visitors. 

  1. Full moon café– The café is based in Andaman, but the owners come from Goa, so it represents authentic Goan culture. Located conveniently near Beach 3 at Vijayanagar which is walkable from the main road easily. 

Full Moon Cafe offers a variety of comfort food with Israeli, Mediterranean, and Indian cuisines while enjoying the sights and sounds of the beach which is just opposite to the restaurant. 

The interiors have an extremely cosy, rustic vibe, and the staff is exceptionally attentive to the culinary needs of their guests. The café is surrounded by beautifully constructed trees, with benches and chairs made from bamboo and paddock wood.

They don’t serve alcohol, so bring your own booze policy is in effect. A great option for couple travelers


  1. Coco Anju – The cafe is situated at Beach No.3. It is near popular resorts such as Tials Ciro and Blue Bird’s which is easily accessible from the main road. They are reputed to serve the best English and Punjabi breakfasts along with coffee. It gives a cosy ambiance and good Wi-Fi. With its inviting interior made with natural materials and a blend of brown and green hues. The section inside is divided in two parts one towards the left a little lower and right a little high.

    4.Garden café – Known for its Italian, Chinese, Indian, Asian, and Beijing cuisines, this café is situated near Govind Nagar Beach No. 3 and is rated as the top spot for lunch and dinner. The entrance  is directly attached from the main road, which makes accessing the café effortless.Built with paddock wood and bamboo, each visit here is a symbol of tradition and culture.

Surrounded by Coconut and Mango trees, the café benefits from a pleasant and breezy atmosphere. With delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available, visitors are recommended to try their infamous fried fish and laccha paratha. The café has a hospitable staff in the entire Havelock. The café is affordable for everyone; alcohol is not served at this establishment, which is a part of the placid garden resort. 



Some hidden gems, nestled mainly in the northwest Andamans and near Havelock Island, offer a great escape from the mundane. With their unexplored beauty, these islands serve as pristine retreats for its visitors.

A set of islands secluded from the mainland, also known as the Richie’s Archipelago.
  1. It Has a Hidden gem by the name Sir William Peel island

Located in the Andaman islands of the Indian ocean.

Due to no inhabitants, the place gives off an extremely peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban world

Only way to get there is through Veer Savarkar International airport and Port Blair. 

  1. Henry Lawrence: Another lesser-known neighbour in the Andamans.

Immerse in renowned fishing spots for its Kokari, king, sheer fish etc. 

Embark on a full day experience on private charter boats from Havelock jettys

Experience the exceptional crystal clear water snorkelling activity amidst the coral reefs.

  1. Inglis Island Infamous for the most magical sunrise or sunset. 

The views amidst the islands look like scenes straight out of Hollywood films. Incredible and Magical! 

Perfect for a photographer, who wants a picturesque panorama

Guaranteed experience lasting 4-5 hours amidst nature’s untouched beauty.


  1. Barefoot–  This resort stands out as one of the most extravagant options in Havelock. With its exclusive jungle layout and top-notch services, it’s a haven for nature lovers. You can direct access to Radhanagar beach, enhancing the overall experience. Additionally, the resort provides trainers for those interested in scuba diving. Amidst forest villas, the soothing sounds of chirping birds, and the untouched waves of the beach, it offers a retreat like no other. 



  1. Nemo Reef
  2. Aquarium
  3. Tribe Gate
  4. Red Pillar





Radhanagar beach

4-5 hours

1500-2000 rs

Kalapathar beach

3 hours

1500-200 rs

Elephant beach

5 hours

1000 per person

2 days sightseeing tour

2 days

4500-6000 rs

1 day tour of Havelock

1 day

2200-6000 rs

Jetty drops & pickup

30 minutes

400-600 rs


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