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adventure activities
Undersea Walking
The Underwater Sea Walk is one of the most unique attractions that one must experience when visiting Andaman. Sea Walking in Andaman can be done at Neil Island, Havelock Island or Ross & North Bay Island.
Being a soft-adventure sport, almost anyone in reasonable physical condition can go trekking. To get initiated into trekking begin with day hikes, returning to your starting point in the evening. Move on to a multi-day trek which is relatively easy, in order to get to know your ability and aptitude. You can venture into the mountains with an experienced trekker, join an adventure club, or go with a reputed adventure travel company.
Port Blair – Ride A Banana Boat
Riding a Banana Boat is another fun-filled and thrilling thing to do in Andaman. At a time 6 people can ride the banana-shaped boats that are tied behind a speedboat to gain rush. It is a perfectly safe activity as long as you have your life jackets on and follow the instructions given. The ride varies from 10 minutes to 35 minutes according to the preference of the people
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