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Havelock Island

Andaman and Nicobar Island’s most treasured spot. A place you must visit during your trip.

Situated 70 K.M from the capital Port Blair, the Havelock Island has been at the spotlight of the Andaman Tourism for more than a decade. The island boasts some of the most well defined spots of attraction with a perfect mixture of tropical jungle and white sand beaches.

One of the most intriguing things about the Havelock Island is it’s lack of urban density. The island has a very low population density, that makes sure you get as close to nature as possible without having to see yet another urban city, which you probably are taking a break from.

Narrow roads surrounded by either dense tropical jungles with unique trees or long strips of fields covered with greenery of rice and paddies, combined with a sudden jump of clear open waters on the side of the road makes the Havelock Island, one of the best places to explore with a rental bike.

The best places to visit in Havelock Island:

Among several other attractions, some of the best places you must visit during your trip are:

  1. Radhanagar Beach
  2. Elephant Beach
  3. kalapathar Beach
  4. Vijaynagar Beach

1. Radhanagar Beach

Famous for:

  • White Sand Beach
  • Clear Waters
  • Serene Nature

Things to do:

  • Relax at the shack
  • Go for a Swim
  • View the Sunset

Radhanagar beach is one of most famous beaches in the Andaman Islands, and arguably the best beach in Asia as described by the Time Magazine. Needless to say, the beach ticks every mark demanded to make the perfect beach and your trip to Andaman isn’t complete till you visit there.

Situated almost 11 Km from the Havelock Jetty, the beach is just a 30 minutes drive away.

The beauty starts after the entry. Soon after entering and several steps forward, you are greeted by one of the most beautiful sceneries andaman has to offer. A wide view of open sea and shoreline with white sand that stretches out for as far as your eyes can see gives out a sense of freedom and openness.

The sky blue sea with crystal clear waters and perfect depth combined with just the right strength of waves makes it a pristine spot to go for a dip and enjoy long hours of water play.

There is a multitude of huts, benches and wooden chairs where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery after long hours of swim, under the shade of large tropical trees that makes the spot even more relaxing.

You can reach the changing rooms by taking a left from the large hut on the center of the beach, ask the workers for any assistance. It is advised not to go more than 10 meters from the shoreline if you are a new or average swimmer. For any emergencies, lifeguards are posted at the beach during the opening hours to ensure safety of the travelers and locals.

We highly recommend visiting Radhanagar Beach during your trip.


2. Elephant Beach

Famous for:

  • Adventure Sports
  • Crystal Clear Waters
  • Nature

Things to do:

  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Jet Skiing

Although there are no elephants here, the Elephant Beach is one of the major attraction for people on recreational and adventure trip to the Andaman Islands. The beach is secluded in the northern part of the Havelock Island and is only accessible through a boat, due to the absence of a proper road and separation by a dense tropical jungle. Locals usually trek through the forest to reach there- read more about “How to reach there” below.

Upon entry you are greeted by a shoreline covered with yellowish white sand sandwiched between the signature havelock blue water on one side and dense greenery on the other. The beachside trees makes the perfect spot to find a shade and relax for a while after a day full of adventure.

The main attraction of the beach and the most dominant reason why it’s really famous among the tourists is because of the abundance of water sports. The beach has numerous water sports centers that provide activities and training for tourists who’d love to try something new during their trip.


Available water activities at the beach:

  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Jet Skiing
  • Glass Bottom Boat Rides
  • Kayaking

Whether you are visiting andaman on a group trip with friends or family, engaging in water sports can make your vacation more memorable and fun. Most of the sport vendors provide proper certification through PADI and other recognised organisations and some really great photos that are captured during your adventure so you can make everlasting memories that always brings a smile to your face.

As being the best place for water sports in Andaman, we highly recommend a visit to the Elephant Beach if you are planning for some sea-water adventures.

3. Kalapathar Beach

Famous for:

  • Relaxing Location
  • Sunset
  • View During the Journey

Things to do:

  • Enjoy the Beach
  • Go for a Walk
  • Relax after a Tiring Day
  • Enjoy Snacks

The Kalapathar is yet another beach in the Havelock Island, which although isn’t thronged by travelers but is a great place to visit at the end of a wonderful and tiring day to simply- relax, have snacks, and watch the sunset with your family and loved ones.

The journey to this beach itself is mesmerizing, as it is surrounded by tall forest trees with dense leaf bed on one side and an open sea on the other. As soon as you move past this, you are greeted by an open sea with white sand beach and a calm, relaxing environment, which makes you want to sit down and catch up with your thoughts.

With multitudes of small beachside shops offering some decent snacks and fresh coconut water, this beach makes for an amazing picnic spot, whether you are out there with friends, family or your spouse.

We do recommend visiting the beach with a rental bike if you are staying in the Havelock Island for 2 or more days because you wouldn’t wanna miss the journey to it.

4. Vijaynagar Beach

Famous for:

  • Serenity
  • Calmness
  • Nature and Scenery

Things to do:

  • Take a Walk
  • Explore the Shoreline

Also known as the Lone Mangrove Beach, the Vijaynagar Beach is another spot of attraction for peace lovers in the Havelock Island. The beach has a vibe of solitude combined with relaxing soft sea waves and pure environment. The fine white sand beach, complimented with beautiful sea shells will give you a feeling of great calmness and sense of self affection which makes every moment remarkable.

Although, not that enticing when compared to other attractions, the Vijaynagar Beach is still worth a visit if you simply love to explore, but is usually not preferred by explores and therefore not included in tour packages.